Approaching employers

Directly approaching an employer can be an effective Job Search strategy.

Warm Calling

A ‘warm call’ is when you have had some prior contact with the employer, or that someone has referred you to them. Warm calling can involve a personalised approach – for example, “Hi David, we met last week at the ABC conference” can be an introductory line to a warm call which acts as an icebreaker and follow-up.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is when an employer does not know you and does not expect your call. A cold call involves contacting a business directly to ask if they have any roles available.

Ways to improve your cold calling skills

  • Do your research – on their company and potential roles they may have available.
  • Write a script which includes the key points of what you are going to say – cold calling works best when you are well prepared and can articulate this clearly.
  • Practice – it is useful to practice with family, friends or the careers team to ensure you are prepared before making the calls.
  • Take notes during each phone call as this will assist you to gather information for future calls and build your career/ industry knowledge.

You may also send an email to an employer for the same purpose. Write a clear and concise email – ensure your email is to the point. Consider when you are sending the email to employers – sending an email on the weekend, a Monday morning or Friday afternoon may not be the best time.

Keep in mind that a direct approach to an employer may not always pay off immediately, but can sow a seed that bears fruit in the future.