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Credit points: 15

Subject outline

In this subject students are introduced to the relationships between micro-organisms, and humans and the public health implications. Topics include an overview of the lymphatic system, non-specific and adaptive aspects of the immune system, micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, protozoa & multicellular organisms), infections of the gut, respiratory tract, skin, urogenital tract, eye, nosocomial/community infections, infection prevention and control in hospitals and the community.

SchoolSchool of Molecular Sciences/LIMS

Credit points15

Subject Co-ordinatorJanelle Page

Available to Study Abroad StudentsYes

Subject year levelYear Level 2 - UG

Exchange StudentsYes

Subject particulars

Subject rules

Prerequisites HBS1HBA, or HBS1LS1 and PHE1HEH, or equivalent.


Incompatible subjectsN/A

Equivalent subjectsN/A

Special conditionsN/A

Learning resources


Resource TypeTitleResource RequirementAuthor and YearPublisher
ReadingsMicrobiology and Infection control for health professionals, 3rd ednPrescribedLee & BishopPEARSON
ReadingsAnatomy & physiologyRecommendedMarieb E and Hoehn KPEARSON, INTRO CH 20, 21

Graduate capabilities & intended learning outcomes

01. Demonstrate understanding of the importance of normal flora and host defences in the human by describing the relationship with the human body

Practical activities based on sampling the normal human body flora

02. Explain the interactions between viruses, bacteria, protozoans and multicellular parasites with the innate and adaptive immune system

Examination of specific diseases and the signs, symptoms and treatment of each

03. Describe the concepts of pathogenesis, epidemiology and prevention and control of infectious diseases

Tutorial classes will explore these concepts

04. Explain the role of immunisation as a method of minimising outbreaks of infectious diseases

Final examination will asses knowledge of this ILO

05. Research and present scientific information in a form that is understood by peers

Poster presentation will be presented to peers

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Start date between: and    Key dates

Online, 2015, Semester 2, Online


Online enrolmentYes

Maximum enrolment sizeN/A

Enrolment information

Subject Instance Co-ordinatorJanelle Page

Class requirements

LectureWeek: 31 - 43
One 2.0 hours lecture per week on weekdays during the day from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via online.

PracticalWeek: 31 - 43
One 2.0 hours practical other recurrence on weekdays during the day from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via online.

TutorialWeek: 31 - 43
One 1.0 hours tutorial every two weeks on weekdays during the day from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via online.


Assessment elementComments%ILO*
One fact sheet, equivalent to 1,000 words2502, 03, 05
Practical quiz equivalent to 750 words2001
one 2-hour examination5502, 03, 04