Terms and conditions

Support is provided for La Trobe owned computers only. Personally owned computers and devices are the responsibility of the owner, although Student IT Support will provide best effort assistance with the following services:

  1. Settings for LMS
  2. Email setup on mobile device
  3. Resetting browser cache
  4. Wireless configuration
  5. Wireless printer setup

Rules and regulations

The use of computer facilities at La Trobe is governed by the Use of Computer Facilities Statute 2009 [PDF 65KB].

Labs are provided to students for academic purposes, not for personal use. Please respect your fellow students and keep noise levels to a minimum.

Important information

  1. We strongly recommend you back up your computer before any work is carried out
  2. We will not cover virus cleanup or software fixes
  3. Any breaches of the above Computer Facilities Statute will be reported to the ICT CIO. The CIO has the right to investigate unauthorised use of La Trobe Computer Facilities including devices connected to our network
  4. We are helping you at your own risk and take no responsibility for any damage or loss of data that may occur afterwards

Download policy

The web is NOT a copyright-free zone. DO NOT assume that you are entitled to download everything you can access on the web. Some material may be on the web without the copyright owner's permission. DO NOT use University equipment or the computer networks to download, redistribute or copy unauthorized files.