cse5ane advanced network eng




Credit points: 15

Subject outline

In this subject students cover advanced topics in local and wide area networks. The topics include the design and implementation of Virtual LAN (VLAN) using Virtual Trunk Protocols (VTP), inter-VLAN routing using routing protocols learned in CSE3INE, wide-area networking protocols like Frame Relay, PPP, teleworker services using DSL, cable-modem and broadband wireless, redundant LAN switching through the use of Spanning Tree protocols. The unit will also introduce basic network security at layer-2 using Port blocking, Access control lists, and network troubleshooting using top-down approach.

SchoolSchool Engineering&Mathematical Sciences

Credit points15

Subject Co-ordinatorRabei Alhadad

Available to Study Abroad StudentsYes

Subject year levelYear Level 5 - Masters

Exchange StudentsYes

Subject particulars

Subject rules

Prerequisites CSE5INE, CSE3INE or equivalent


Incompatible subjectsN/A

Equivalent subjectsN/A

Special conditionsN/A

Graduate capabilities & intended learning outcomes

01. Demonstrate understanding of the funtions of each of the three layers of the hierarchical network design model by constructing a 3 layer hierarchical model.

2 hour lecture on 3 layer model network design and the heirarchical model will be emulated and analyzed using switches and routers in the lab. Students learn how to connect switches and routers to form 3 layer heirarchical network model.

02. Display understanding of basic switch concepts by analysing various configurations of Ethernet ports in switching operations.

Two 2 hour lectures on basic switch and VLAN operations and will be followed by designing various VLAN networks and configing these swithches to perform as VLANs.

03. Demonstrate understanding of Virtual Trunking Protocol (VTP) and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) by analysing and designing and implementing VLANs

3 two hour lectures on VTP and STP protocol concepts. These concepts will be demonstrated and analyzed by designing VLANs and implementing these protocols in the lab on switches.

04. Describe and define various WLAN concepts

3 two hour lectures on WLAN, PPP, and Frame Relay

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Melbourne, 2019, Semester 2, Day


Online enrolmentYes

Maximum enrolment sizeN/A

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Subject Instance Co-ordinatorRabei Alhadad

Class requirements

Laboratory ClassWeek: 31 - 43
One 2.0 hours laboratory class per week from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via face-to-face.

LectureWeek: 31 - 43
One 2.0 hours lecture per week from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via face-to-face.


Assessment elementComments%ILO*
On 2-hour lab practical exam2001, 02, 03, 04
One 3-hour examination5001, 02, 03, 04
Test 1 (30 minutes)1501, 02
Test 2 (30 mins)1503, 04