Professor Meg E.

Professor Meg E. Morris

Head of School, Allied Health, Physiotherapist

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Allied Health

Melbourne (Bundoora)


BAppSc(Physiotherapy), GradDip(Geront), MAPPSC, PhD, FACP



Membership of professional associations

Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists; Member Australian Physiotherapy Association

Area of study


Brief profile

Professor Meg Morris is the Head of the School of Allied Health. She is a world renown researcher in the field of Parkinson’s disease and has published over 200 articles and 4 books. She has supervised more than 35 doctoral students and is a Fellow of the Australian college of Physiotherapists.

Research interests

Gait and balance

- Parkinson's disease

Healthy Ageing

- disability

Recent publications

Examples of recent publications:

1. Morris ME, Menz H, McGinley JL, Watts JJ, Huxham FE, Murphy AT, Danoudis M, Iansek R. A Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Falls and Improve Mobility in People with Parkinson’s disease. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair 2015;

2. Morris ME, Murphy AT, Watts JJ, Jolley D, Campbell D, Soh S, Said CM, Iansek R. The health profile of people living with Parkinson’s disease managed in a comprehensive care setting. Aging Science. 2015, 3:2. doi: 10.4172/2329-8847.1000135

3. Said CM, Morris ME, McGinley JL, Szoeke C, Workman B, Liew D. Evaluating the effects of increasing physical activity to optimize rehabilitation outcomes in hospitalized older adults (MOVE Trial). Trials 2015; 16:13. JCR Impact Factor 2.8.

4. Proud, E. L., Miller, K. J., Bilney, B., Balachandran, S., McGinley, J. L., & Morris, M. E. (2015). Evaluation of measures of upper limb functioning and disability in people with parkinson disease: A systematic review. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 96(3), 540-551.e1. doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2014.09.016

5. Shanahan J, Morris ME, Ni Bhriain O, Saunders J, Clifford AM. (2014) Dance for people with Parkinson’s disease: what is the evidence telling us? Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2015 (96):141-153.

6. Shanahan, J., Morris, M. E., Bhriain, O. N., Volpe, D., Richardson, M., & Clifford, A. M. (2015). Is Irish set dancing feasible for people with Parkinson's disease in Ireland? Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. doi:10.1016/j.ctcp.2014.12.002

7. Sheetz J, Koklanis K, Long M, Lawler K, Karimi L, Morris ME. Validity and reliability of eye healthcare professionals in the assessment of glaucoma. The International Journal of Clinical Practice. 2015;1-15.

8. Beevers W, MCConville J, Morris ME. Analysing music used for Parkinson’s dancing classes: validity of instruments and methods. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy. 2015 Volume 15:1. (ISSN 1504-1611).

9. Williams G, Lai D, Schache A, Morris ME. J Head Trauma Rehabil. 2015 Mar-Apr;30(2):E13-23. doi: 10.1097/HTR.0000000000000038.  PMID: 24695264

10. Pearson E, McKinstry C, Morris ME. Cancer related fatigue: a survey of health practitioner knowledge and practice. Supportive Care in Cancer. 2015 (in press).

11. Mazzarino M, Kerr D, Morris ME. Effectiveness of the Pilates Method to Improve Health in Women. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2015; (in press).

12. El-Refai A, Morris ME, Armitage H, K Stephenson K, Morris ME, Simpson A, et al. Efficacy of computer based telemedicine for deaf children, for spoken communication.  Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research 2015. (published)

13. Blandy L, Beevers W, Ferguson K, Morris ME. Therapeutic Argentine tango dancing for people living with Parkinson’s disease: a feasibility study. Frontiers Movement Disorders (published).

14. Soh S, Meg E Morris, Jennifer J Watts, Jennifer L McGinley, Robert Iansek. Health-related quality of life in people with Parkinson’s disease receiving comprehensive care. (2015).

15. McPherson L, Long M, Nicholson M, Cameron N, Morris ME. Secrecy surrounding the physical abuse of child athletes in Australia (RASW-2015-0064) has been submitted by Dr Lynne McPherson to Australian Social Work. (in press)

16. Rocha PA, Morris ME, McClelland J, Ventura C. Alternative physical therapies for movement disorders in Parkinson’s disease: A systematic review. (published)

17. Iansek R & Morris ME. (2013) Rehabilitation in Movement Disorders. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. (Book)

18.Volpe D, Signorini M, Marchetto A, Lynch T, Morris ME. A comparison of Irish set dancing and exercises for people with Parkinson’s disease: A phase II feasibility study. BMC Geriatrics 2013 Jun 4, 13:54. doi: 10.1186/1471-2318-13-54.

Research projects

Therapy to reduce falling in Parkinson's. (Project Grant) awarded by NHMRC

Preventing Fallas and Improving Mobility in people with PRarkinson's Disease (Clinical Discovery grants for Parkinson's Disease Research) awarded by Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's Research