Future Thinking: Water, Agriculture and Social Change

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This symposium is a conversation starter – a moment for reflection on what has been, in order to prepare for, plan & dream about the future.

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Friday 15 September 2023 08:30 am until Friday 15 September 2023 01:00 pm (Add to calendar)
Rebecca Crossling
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Presented by La Trobe University Research Theme Leads
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Community Event; Forum/symposium

Regional communities across the globe are undergoing rapid and unprecedented change driven by climate, economic, social and technological factors. These changes are profoundly reshaping the future of Mildura and its surrounding land and waterscapes.

In this symposium, researchers from across La Trobe University come together with community leaders in Mildura to explore what these changes mean.

  • How are new agricultural technologies changing people’s relationships with water, land and their local communities?
  • How is climate change transforming the plans and dreams that people build for their own future, the future of their children and grandchildren, and the land on which they live?
  • How are both climate change and technological change reshaping the texture and fabric of local communities?

Taking water, agriculture and social change as the central themes, speakers will reflect on what the university’s community of researchers can offer to local communities to help them understand and reflect on the important changes that they are experiencing on a daily basis.

It is also an opportunity for researchers to listen and to engage in dialogue with community members. What are the challenges that locals see as the most pressing issues that researchers can help them understand?

This symposium is a conversation starter – a moment for reflection on what has been, in order to prepare for, plan and dream about the future. Each researcher will briefly present on their work in the Sunraysia community, before each panel discussion.

Inspired by local produce, Verdict Catering will be providing our breakfast canapes, morning tea and lunch. Registrations essential!

Breakfast canapes and networking - 8.30am

Session 1: Water Futures - 9.30am - 10.30am

This session will reflect on our changing relationship with water in the Murray Darling Basin. 


Panel members:

Session 2: Agricultural Futures - 10.45am - 11.45am

This session will reflect on shifting agricultural practices, including technological changes 


  • Rebecca Wells, Chief Executive, Mallee Regional Innovation Centre (MRIC)


Session 3: Social Futures - 12.00pm - 1.00pm

This session will reflect on social change in light of changing relationships with water and agricultural practices 



  • Dr Natalie Araujo, Lecturer, Anthropology, Sustainability and Development, La Trobe University
  • More panellists announced soon!

Lunch and networking - 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Brian Grogan Lecture Theatre, La Trobe University

471 Benetook Avenue, Mildura



3 Oct 2023 11:35 am

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