Public lectures

2018 Rae Alexander Lecture – Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art

Thursday 18 October 05:45pm

You are warmly invited to the 21st annual La Trobe University Art History Alumni Rae Alexander Lecture. Please join us for an evening with collector and art dealer Charles Nodrum.

Public Health Information Evening

Thursday 18 October 06:00pm

Are you interested in a career in public health?

Rudd on the PM years

Wednesday 24 October 06:30pm

He was the man elected on a rising tide of fresh ideas and enthusiasm, but within three years in office the Kevin 07 bandwagon had come to an end after a bitter internal coup that has set an overriding theme for federal politics ever since.

Is democracy broken?

Thursday 25 October 06:30pm

Six changes in the office of Australian Prime Minister in the space of ten years and three parliaments; have we entered a new political normal where the convention of PM is changing, or is this a symptom of a broader political malaise?

LiDs Special Seminar - October 31

Wednesday 31 October 03:00pm

Leading Norwegian disability researcher Professor Jan Tøssebro, on Intensive Support Services for People with Disability and Complex Support Needs

Social Justice in the Neoliberal Age

Wednesday 14 November 06:15pm

Join a conversation between two of this country’s most perceptive and respected social justice advocates and activists—Cassandra Goldie CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services and Frank Brennan CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia

The 2018 Bernard Bailyn Lecture in North American History

Thursday 15 November 06:00pm

The Department of Arachaeology and History at La Trobe University invite you to the 2018 Bernard Bailyn Lecture in North American History: American Xenophobia from the Colonial Era to the Trump Era.

2018 Agnes Heller annual sociology lecture

Thursday 06 December 04:30pm

Living well with religious diversity: Deep equality in troubled times



18th Oct 2018 9:26pm

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