Public lectures

Exercise, the perfect medicament: What is the prescription and how can we administer it?

Thursday 17 October 05:45pm

Join Professor Michael Kingsley, from the recently established Holsworth Research Initiative, as he discusses research to optimise exercise prescription for health and performance at the free 2019 Worner Lecture at La Trobe University Bendigo.

Climate change and conflict in the Himalaya

Wednesday 23 October 06:00pm

Melbourne launch of the new La Trobe Asia Brief.

Postgraduate Expo Melbourne City

Wednesday 23 October 05:00pm

Discover tomorrow’s possibilities at the Melbourne (City) Postgraduate Expo 2019

2019 Rae Alexander Lecture

Thursday 24 October 05:45pm

You are warmly invited to the 22nd annual La Trobe University Art History Alumni Rae Alexander Lecture. Please join us for an evening with one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists Rosslynd Piggott.

Reflections on the challenges of water management in the Murray Darling Basin: A conversation with Chris Guest, Author Sharing the Water – 100 Years of River Murray Politics

Thursday 24 October 06:00pm

This year’s Mann Lecture will explore the management of the Murray River from the early 1900s until now. In this conversation the audience will be invited to understand how the lessons from this complex history, combined with contemporary environmental issues, should shape the way the Murray-Darling Basin is managed in the future.

The future of enhancement: Drugs, gender and sexuality

Friday 25 October 01:00pm

A half-day forum, presented by the Drugs, Gender and Sexuality Program and the BBV Program, ARCSHS

Rebels and Trailblazers, Clare Wright talks to Alana Johnson

Monday 28 October 06:00pm

What kind of women were the suffragettes? How did their own lives play out against the monumental achievement of these campaigners wining the vote for white women in 1902? Clare Wright talks about her latest book "You Daughters of Freedom" and what their role in history means for the Australian Nation.

The Lowest Ebb: The Fall and Fall of the Australia-China Relationship

Tuesday 29 October 06:00pm

The La Trobe University 2019 China Studies Oration

Do trade unions help or harm Australia’s economy and society?

Wednesday 30 October 06:15pm

The Ideas and Society Program at La Trobe University is very pleased to present two outstanding Australians to discuss this topic. Bill Kelty, as Secretary of the ACTU, was a key player during the Hawke and Keating years and one of the fathers of compulsory superannuation. Jennifer Westacott has been an outstanding public servant and is now an energetic and respected Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia. It is an interesting fact about our country that both came from unprivileged family backgrounds but rose to the top of their professions through hard work, university education and, of course, talent.

Student Success Summit

Friday 01 November 12:00am

Join the La Trobe University's Student Success team and special guests to celebrate Learning and Teaching week.

ARCSHS Oration and Forum

Thursday 07 November 06:00pm

This public event will introduce the new Director of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS): Professor Suzanne Fraser. Professor Fraser will open the event with a lecture. To follow the lecture will be a panel discussion with four distinguished Australian social scientists.

Maintaining Stability in a Volatile Region: a Japanese Perspective

Monday 11 November 06:30pm

A conversation with respected Japanese scholar Tsuruoka Michito.

Digital Innovation & Strategy Build Week

Monday 18 November 09:00am

Workshops on strategic guidance and practical tools that will empower your business in business and strategic planning and digital marketing

La Trobe Classics in the City 2019: Artemisia, the Amazons and Athens

Wednesday 20 November 06:00pm

The warrior Queen Artemisia I of Halicarnassos fought with the Persians against the Greeks in naval battles in 480 BCE.

La Trobe Classics in the City 2019: Neaira - A courtesan on trial

Wednesday 11 December 06:00pm

In the fourth century BCE, an expensive courtesan called Neaira plied her trade in ancient Corinth, a city famed in antiquity for its prostitutes.



17th Oct 2019 3:05pm

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