Public lectures

The Indo-Pacific and Australia’s East-West Perspectives

Thursday 22 August 02:30pm

How does Australia view the Indo-Pacific and form a cohesive strategy?

La Trobe Classics in the City 2019: Cleopatra VII from Alexandria to Hollywood

Thursday 22 August 06:00pm

Cleopatra has often been portrayed as an exotic temptress, who seduced both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

An Audience with a North Korean Defector

Wednesday 04 September 06:00pm

A prominent North Korean defector will speak about his experiences to audiences in Australia for the first time.

The Future of Health

Wednesday 04 September 06:00pm

How will Technology make it easier to improve the health of the population?

2019 Research Integrity Forum: Authorship and Ownership

Tuesday 10 September 10:00am

The Research Education and Development team, together with the Office of Ethics, Integrity and Biosafety, are pleased to announce the second Research Integrity Forum.

Climate Change and Australia: Where to Now?

Tuesday 17 September 06:15pm

The Ideas and Society Program has brought together, frontline fighters across the generations to reflect on recent experience of climate change and debate future strategy. The former leader of the Greens, Bob Brown, is the revered father of the Australian environmental movement. Dr David Ritter is the leader in Australia and the Pacific of the pioneering world-wide environmental movement, Greenpeace. Dr Amanda Cahill, a Queensland grassroots analyst and activist, is the founder and chief executive of The Next Economy. And Mayisha Moyn is a leader in Victoria of one of the most hopeful recent climate change developments, the school strike movement that is taking action on September 20. The debate will be moderated by Professor Katie Holmes and an introduction by Natalie MacDonald.

La Trobe Classics in the City 2019: Sulpicia - Rome's only female love poet

Wednesday 18 September 06:00pm

‘At last love has come, of such a kind that the rumour of having concealed it would shame me more than having stripped it bare.’

La Trobe Classics in the City 2019: Agnodike - The first female physician?

Wednesday 16 October 06:00pm

In 4th century BCE Athens, when women were excluded from the medical field, one remarkable woman disguised herself as a man in order to learn and practice the art of medicine.

2019 Rae Alexander Lecture

Thursday 24 October 05:45pm

You are warmly invited to the 22nd annual La Trobe University Art History Alumni Rae Alexander Lecture. Please join us for an evening with one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists Rosslynd Piggott.

La Trobe Classics in the City 2019: Artemisia, the Amazons and Athens

Wednesday 20 November 06:00pm

The warrior Queen Artemisia I of Halicarnassos fought with the Persians against the Greeks in naval battles in 480 BCE.

La Trobe Classics in the City 2019: Neaira - A courtesan on trial

Wednesday 11 December 06:00pm

In the fourth century BCE, an expensive courtesan called Neaira plied her trade in ancient Corinth, a city famed in antiquity for its prostitutes.



19th Aug 2019 3:24pm

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