Public lectures

2018 Research Integrity Forum: Authorship and Ownership

Friday 29 June 02:30am

The Research Education and Development team, together with the Office of Ethics, Integrity and Biosafety, are pleased to announce the second Research Integrity Forum.

Optimising Mobile Health Interventions - 2018 AMSI-SSA Public Lecture

Tuesday 14 August 06:30pm

Join Professor Susan Murphy (Harvard University) as she discusses how data collected through mobile apps can transform the way that we tailor and deliver healthcare treatments.

How Asia Goes to War

Wednesday 22 August 06:00pm

The launch of 'The Four Flashpoints: How Asia Goes to War' by Brendan Taylor

The paradox of chemsex: bringing people together and breaking the gay community apart

Wednesday 22 August 01:00pm

Dr Maurice Nagington (The University of Manchester) presents research on chemsex for ARCSHS free lunch time seminar series.

Smashed avo: is there a war on youth?

Thursday 23 August 06:30pm

Do Baby Boomers understand the current challenges facing Millennials or are they too busy spending their inheritance to care?

John Furphy Memorial Lecture 2018 - Silicon Valley meets Goulburn Valley

Thursday 23 August 06:30pm

Within a decade the latest trends in Silicon Valley technology will make their way into rural regions like Shepparton, making fundamental changes to agriculture, industry, and education of the next generation. Will these technologies reverse the drain of our best and brightest from country towns to cities, or will they accelerate the trend?

Digital health: 2018 Research Week lunchtime talk

Monday 27 August 01:00pm

Learn more about the effect our digital lives has on our health.

Alcohol, culture, and family violence: 2018 Research Week lunchtime talk

Tuesday 28 August 01:00pm

A discussion about alcohol as a public health issue, and a showcase of productive collaborations between three La Trobe research centres - the Centre for Alcohol Policy (CAPR), the Judith Lumley Centre for mother, infant and family health research (JLC), and the Australian Institute for Primary Care and Ageing (AIPCA).

The environment: 2018 Research Week lunchtime talk

Wednesday 29 August 01:00pm

Hear environment experts talk about the current state of the environment, how it is changing, and how we can make a positive impact.

Powerhouse women: 2018 Research Week lunchtime talk

Thursday 30 August 01:00pm

Join us to hear from a number of powerhouse women from La Trobe University's research community about their careers.

Social inclusion: 2018 Research Week lunchtime talk

Friday 31 August 01:00pm

A conversation about what social inclusion looks like in this day and age, and how we can achieve it.

LiDS September Seminar

Wednesday 12 September 03:00pm

Ms Jasvinder Sekhon and Ms Claire Quilliam

The climate change emergency: what can be done?

Thursday 27 September 06:30pm

Our world faces a crisis perhaps greater than any humankind has previously faced—climate change. Unless nations take emergency action in the immediate future, the climate scientists have warned that the kind of Earth on which humans and other species have flourished over several millennia will be lost—forever.

LiDs October Seminar

Wednesday 10 October 03:00pm

Amanda Pagan & Colleagues, planning under the NDIS

LiDs November Seminar

Wednesday 14 November 03:00pm

Melanie Drummond of Epworth Health on Olfactory impairment after TBI



14th Aug 2018 10:45am

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