ATAR Wizard

What if I don't have the ATAR I need?

Use the ATAR Wizard to find a pathway course in your chosen field. You can start studying this course and then transfer into your preferred course if you meet all relevant selection criteria.

Follow these simple steps to find a pathway course (please note that ATARs you see here are for 2014 and may change in 2015):

  1. Select a study area above
  2. Leave the ATAR field blank and click 'search'
  3. Click on your preferred course
  4. Choose a pathway course

There are other options if you don't get the ATAR you need for your preferred course. Find out more about our entry pathways.

2014 ATARs

  1. Enter your study area in the dropdown field above.
  2. Enter your ATAR score to begin filtering results.

Know what you're interested in, but haven't selected a course? Use the 'related courses' button to browse similar study options.

For specialist degrees, use the possible pathways button to display potential course avenues. Other courses may also have pathway options. Chat to us for more information.

Please Note: ATAR's change every year.

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