PRIME Graduate Research Examinations Portal

We’re thrilled to announce that the Graduate Research Examinations Module in the Prime Researcher Portal is now live! The Portal will make it significantly easier for graduate researchers and their supervisors to access information about their exam status, to submit relevant examination forms, and will streamline the processes to keep examination times to a minimum.

Log into the PRIME Researcher Portal

Access detailed instructions for candidates and supervisors on the PRIME Help and Support Unite Site

Logging into PRIME as a graduate researcher: avoiding common pitfalls

You will need to use your institutional or staff login to access PRIME and the help site. If you are logged into your computer or other university systems in your browser using your student account, you need to use one of the methods outlined on our  institutional account page to successfully login to PRIME and avoid single sign on errors. If you have not already activated your institutional account, you will also find instructions on how to do so on our institutional account page

What do these changes mean?

The Graduate Research Examinations module will make the administrative processes related to examination more accessible, transparent, and time efficient. Through the Portal, both you and your supervisor can:

  • Access key information relating to your examination
  • Submit and retrieve forms
  • Review where a form is sitting in the approval process,
  • Access information about the status of your examination.

The introduction of the Portal also allows Graduate Research School staff to access relevant information more quickly and easily, which in turn will help us efficiently monitor your examination and follow up examiners to make sure you receive your outcome as quickly as possible.

Please note that the thesis submission and examination processes - and the policies governing them - will remain the same. The PRIME Graduate Research Examinations Portal will make it easier for candidates and supervisors to access information, submit and approve forms and keep track of the examination status.

Who will be affected and how?

If you’re a graduate researcher who is not currently approaching or under examination, you don’t need to do anything for now. When you are getting close to thesis submission, simply follow the instructions on our website’s pages on examinations as these have been updated to reflect the changes.

If you have submitted your Notice of Intention to Submit (NOI) form or Authority to Submit (ATS) form or your thesis is currently being examined your details have been migrated into the PRIME researcher portal and you will be able to submit future forms online via PRIME. We have written to all candidates who were migrated into PRIME and their supervisors with specific instructions on how to proceed dependent on their stage in the examination process.

We hope that by making the entire process more efficient for graduate researchers, supervisors, and the GRS, we can provide you with a better graduate research experience.

What support is available?

We have developed a range of user guides and video instructions for graduate researchers and supervisors which you can access in the PRIME Help and Support Unite Site.

If you are a graduate researcher, you will need to login using your institutional or staff account to access both the PRIME Researcher Portal and the Support Site. Visit our institutional account page for instructions on how to activate and use your institutional account, and how to resolve common login pitfalls.

Have questions?

As always, if you do have any questions or concerns, our staff at the Graduate Research School can help. You can get in touch with us via