Your institutional account

Along with your student account, as a graduate researcher at La Trobe, you will also have access to an institutional staff-like account. This will provide you access to more of the tools, processes and information you  need to complete your degree on time, as well as a more professional identity to use within the research community.

The benefits of your institutional account

As a graduate researcher at La Trobe, you will have access to services like:

  • An Academic Profile to enhance your professional image within the wider research community.
  • A new professional La Trobe email address to share with academic journals, contacts and industry partners. It has the same format as the staff email addresses, and will be provided to all graduate researchers in addition to their existing student email address.
  • The La Trobe Intranet, and collaborative research platforms, such as UNITE sites and ResearchData.Latrobe.
    • UNITE is a web-based tool hosted on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and it’s used for sharing information and documents – some sites are restricted to specific areas for specific purposes, so you may need to contact the site owners to request access.
    • ResearchData.Latrobe allows you to store, share or selectively publish your research data with La Trobe University's collaborative digital repository powered by Figshare.
  • The Book La Trobe system – to book meetings and other specialised rooms.
  • Library access post thesis submission and until completion – as a matter of course, not by application.
  • Improved automated access to other relevant research systems.

When will I need to use a different account?

Depending on which services you want to use, you will need to make use of a different account.

When to use your student account

For many services related to your enrolment, you will need to continue to read the email sent to your student email address and log into these systems with your student account. For example, information on research progress captured in the Agreements Module of the Student Information System (SIS) will only be sent to your student email addresses and will only be accessible by logging in with a student account. So, make sure you use your student account when:

When to use your institutional account

Use your institutional account:

  • when you share your contact details with the wider research community
  • when you submit to academic journals or contact industry partners
  • when you want to edit your academic profile via My Publications
  • when you want to access the La Trobe Intranet
  • when you want to book a meeting room through Book La Trobe
  • when you need to access platforms such as UNITE sites or ResearchData.Latrobe
  • when you need to access the PRIME Researcher Portal
  • when you need to access the La Trobe Library after thesis submission, until completion.

To switch accounts you may need to log on and log off – or use incognito or private browsing in Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Note that access to the Student Information Systems and Agreements Module, which captures information on graduate research progress, is not available through Firefox.

Can I request a staff card?

Remember that the institutional account doesn’t change your employment status with La Trobe, so if you are not already a paid staff member, you won’t receive a staff card. You can use your student card to print from your institutional account – just email and they will set this up for you.

You can also  contact Student IT Support on 1300 Latrobe (Option 3) if you are experiencing any access issues with your account.

Activate your institutional account

Learn how to activate your institutional staff-like account.

Access your academic profile

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Build your academic profile

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