Allied health

The purpose-built health facilities at LRHS give our students modern, interactive learning experiences and support the ground-breaking work of our diverse team of researchers.

The clinical learning environments at LRHS provide realistic but safe spaces for students to start putting theory into practice. They help students develop the clinical and critical thinking skills that are vital for a career as a health professional.

Experience gained in our world-class facilities mean our students confidently enter the workplace for their clinical placements with our industry partners.

Multipurpose Skills Laboratories

The Multipurpose Skills Laboratories at both the Bendigo campus and Clinical Teaching Building in Bendigo are used for a range of research and teaching purposes across several disciplines.

This laboratory spaces give our exercise science and exercise physiology students hands-on experience build understanding and skills around motor control and learning. Specialist equipment includes electromyography (EMG), electroencephalography (EEG), and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) which is used to measure proprioception and muscle and neural activity.

Our physiotherapy and occupational therapy students also use these spaces. These labs mimic realistic clinical settings for neurological rehabilitation and musculoskeletal and cardiovascular physiotherapy. These labs provide the ideal environment for students to practice assessment and intervention skills with other students or simulated patients before working with real patients on clinical placement.

Simulated Residence

The Simulated Residence at the Bendigo campus enables our occupational therapy and paramedic students to practice their skills in a realistic home environment.

This facility includes:

  • A simulated bedroom with single bed and bedroom cupboards
  • A simulated bathroom with (non-functional) toilet, bath, sink, and shower
  • A simulated kitchen with kitchen benchtops and cupboards, stove, oven, and fridge
  • A lounge and entry space with couch, chairs, coffee table, and sideboard
  • A wall mounted television screen hooked up to the computer system in the paramedicine simulation lab

Ceiling mounted cameras and microphones are integrated into the Simulated Residence so that staff and students can record and playback scenarios and skills sessions, giving students detailed feedback on their performance.

Splinting Laboratory

The splinting lab located within the Clinical Teaching Building in Bendigo is a purpose-built environment where occupational therapy students learn to design and manufacture thermoplastic splints for upper limb conditions.

This room includes all equipment commonly used in occupational therapy practice. Simulated practice using these facilities allows our students to develop their splinting skills before working with real clients requiring upper limb interventions during their placements.

Speech Pathology Laboratory

The Speech Pathology lab is based at the Clinical Teaching Building and is home a broad range of manual, electronic and computer-based equipment for the assessment of speech, voice, hearing and swallowing problems.

Using this lab gives our speech pathology students an introduction to using high quality equipment to assess communication and swallowing problems. Our researchers use this equipment both locally and as part of our global citizenship research project based in Cambodia.

Specialist equipment includes:

  • Kay Pentax Phonatory Aerodynamic System (PAS)
  • Kay Pentax Computerised Speech and Multispeech Analysis System
  • Ambulatory Phonatory Monitor (APM)
  • Grason-Stadler Screening Audiometer
  • MedRX otoscope
  • Grason-Stadler Tympanometer
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI)
  • Neurotrac Myoplus 2 (sEMG)
  • High and low-tech Alternative and Augmentative Communication devices (AAC).