Exercise and rehabilitation

The purpose-built health facilities at LRHS give our students modern, interactive learning experiences and support the ground-breaking work of our diverse team of researchers.

The clinical learning environments at LRHS provide realistic but safe spaces for students to start putting theory into practice. They help students develop the clinical and critical thinking skills that are vital for a career as a health professional.

Experience gained in our world-class facilities mean our students confidently enter the workplace for their clinical placements with our industry partners.

Exercise and Conditioning Laboratory

The Exercise and Conditioning Laboratory on the Bendigo campus is used for teaching and research activities conducted by exercise science, exercise physiology and physiotherapy disciplines.

It features a large modern functional exercise space with:

  • a floor exercise area
  • fixed and free-weights
  • lifting platforms and lifting racks/
  • Video/audio capture and play-back for technique analyses.

The lab also includes:

  • a reception area
  • consultation room,
  • wet room
  • kitchenette

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

This fully equipped laboratory is used to provide comprehensive measurements of physiological responses to exercise.

Industry- and research-standard equipment includes:

  • a range of exercise ergometers,
  • laboratory and field-based expired gas analyses
  • point-of-care blood and urine analyses
  • non-invasive cardiac and vascular analyses
  • anthropometric equipment
  • timing gate systems

Biomechanics Laboratory

The Biomechanics Laboratory on the Bendigo campus is used for both teaching and research in exercise science, exercise physiology and physiotherapy.

This laboratory is designed to enable the measurement of body composition, muscle function and human movement.

Specialist equipment includes:

  • DXA machine
  • BodPod
  • bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • isokinetic machine
  • ultrasound
  • EMG
  • portable force plate
  • instrumented pedals
  • Xsens motion analysis.