Illness or injury

Acceptance of sick or injured children

Children who are ill, ie., more than a slight cold, or who are injured, should not be brought to the Centre, and may not, at the discretion of the Manager, be accepted if brought to the Centre.

If the Manager holds a reasonable belief that a child is ill (has more than a slight cold) or has an injury that prevents normal function, the Manager may refuse to accept the child. The Manager may require evidence in the form of a medical certificate certifying that the child is able to attend the Centre under normal supervision prior to re-admission into the Centre.

Fevers, vomiting, diarrhoea or unexplained rashes are indications that a child should not be brought to the Centre. No child shall be accepted whom have any of the notifiable diseases listed in the Health Department schedule (available at the Centre). Contact with some of these infectious illnesses also excludes a child from attending the Centre. The Manager will advise any parent in doubt.

Children taken ill or injured at the Centre

The La Trobe University Medical Centre will be called by the Manager if, in her opinion, a child is suffering serious injury/illness. The Manager will arrange an ambulance to the nearest hospital at her discretion. Emergency telephone numbers must be provided by all parents and staff will endeavour to contact parents as soon as possible. If parents/guardians are unavailable, emergency contacts will be notified.

In the case of an accident, staff will attempt to contact parents. If parents/guardians are unavailable, emergency contacts will be notified.

The Centre is insured against accident but parents are responsible for medical and ambulance costs incurred.

'Accident and illness' book entries must be signed by parent/guardian at the end of each day.


Where a child has been diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis and the Parents/Guardians have not complied with the Centre's Anaphylaxis Management Statement (PDF 465KB) the child will not be permitted to attend the Centre.


Families who have a child who cannot provide an Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) - Immunisation Status Certificate cannot enrol in this service from January 2016.

If a child's Certificate indicates that they are registered in a 'catch-up program' the child will be excluded if there is a diagnosis of a vaccine preventable disease reported within the Centre.


Under the new 'No Jab, No Play' State Government legislation, before enrolling a child, parents/carers have to provide the service with an immunisation status certificate that shows their child is :

  1. immunised for their age OR
  2. a vaccination catch-up program OR
  3. unable to be fully immunised for medical reasons.

'Conscientious objection' is not an exemption under the 'No Jab No Play' legislation.

Further detailed information from the State Government is available under 'No Jab No Play'

‘No Jab No Pay’ and other immunisation measures - Federal Government Budget Review 2015-16 index

Difficult children

For those children who, over a period of time, show an inability to adapt to Centre routines and/or demand excessive staff care and attention, the Manager may, after consultation with parents, refer consideration of the child's continuation at the Centre to the Committee. The Committee may advise parents that the child is no longer accepted at the Centre if they feel there is no possibility of the child's successful adjustment. In such cases the Manager will advise parents of alternative care sources.

Families non-compliance with regulatory requirements

The Centre's Committee may exclude a child from the Centre if the parent/guardian refuses or neglects to comply with regulatory requirements imposed on the Centre by both State and Federal Legislation.


Criminal history notifications (Police check)

A Police check, showing no notification of a criminal history is required by staff.

Those with Police checks showing a criminal history are not eligible to work in the Centre (All Day Care, Sessional Care, Kindergarten and ASELCC).

Working with children check (Assessment notices)

It is an offence of the Worker Screening Act 2020 [DOC 168KB] to engage a person in child-related work if the person does not have a current Assessment Notice.

Non-compliance with Children's Centre statements and/or conditions of enrolment

The Centre's Committee may exclude a child or a staff member from the Centre if the staff member or the parent/guardian refuses to comply with Centre statements or conditions of enrolment.