Absences and your child care benefit (CCB)

Under the Child Care Management System (CCMS), CCB is paid for up to 42 days absences for each child per financial year without the need to provide documentation such as medical certificates. For more information, view Information for families using child care (PDF 176KB).

The 2011 CCMS Reference Manual, Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR), states that CCB cannot be claimed after a child’s last day of actual attendance.

For example: if a family provides the Centre with two weeks notice terminating their child’s place (as required), and consequently do not use this child care, they will be charged full fee.

The Centre has been advised by DEEWR that it is best practice for parents to continue to:

  • sign or initial attendance records for absences;
  • continue to provide documentary evidence in the form of medical certificates, court orders or work related documentation to assist in the monitoring of absences throughout the year.

You can also access your child’s absence record on your online statement along with your child care attendance, CCB and CCR amounts paid statements. To access your online statement, go to the Department of Human Services website.