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 The retail shop was established to help our community contribute to the indigenous flora and fauna of Melbourne's north. As it has developed, the retail shop now offers a large supply of plants, nesting boxes, art of the Sanctuary, cards, colouring books and a whole lot more. As we continue to grow, we will soon be offering an array of new products to further enhance the gardens, homes, and community we serve.

50 years of experience

The La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary has been in operation for half a century, and in that time we have gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge. Our staff are passionate about what they do and enjoy educating the community on how to best enhance their very own Sanctuary at home.We have a plentiful supply of indigenous plants to offer and can give you advice on how to help them flourish. Whether you need advice getting your garden through the hottest summer or the wettest winter, we will be happy to help with any questions you might have.

Build your own Indigenous Garden

The La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary specialises in indigenous plants from Melbourne's north and can help you create your very own indigenous garden at home. We can help you specialise in local fauna that will contribute to the wider community and its native environment.

Many of the plants you will find in our retail shop can also be seen growing in their natural environment within the Sanctuary itself. We invite all members of our community to experience this natural habitat and use it as an opportunity for some window-shopping for your newest plant.

> Indigenous Plants

We specialise in selling plants that are indigenous to the Northern region of Melbourne and the Lower Yarra Valley.

Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are artificial hollows that provide a habitat for native animals. They can help ease competition amongst animals for a home and prevent creatures from inhabiting our sheds and roofs.

Nesting Boxes

We also provide a range of Nesting Boxes to provide habitat for Arboreal (Tree) animals

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Discounts apply to wholesale orders of 10 boxes or more, please email for a quote.

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Normal Opening Hours 10.00am to 3.00pm – Sunday to Friday

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Great Garden Projects

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TypePriceWholesale Price*
Terrestrila Tubestock (Seed Grown)$3.00$1.30
Terrestrial Tubestock (Cutting Grown)$3.00$1.70
Terrestrial 6inch Pot$7.00-
Aquatic Tubestock$3.50$2.00
Aquatic 6inch Pot$8.00-
Orchid / Fern Tubestock (by Order)$3.50$3.80/$2.60

*Wholesale prices apply to purchases of 300+ plants.