What are the costs and what scholarships are available?


What are the costs of study?

Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian Permanent Residents enrolled in a higher degree by research will not normally pay tuition fees, as fees for graduate research degrees are covered by the Australian Government's Research Training Scheme (RTS). The RTS provides eligible candidates with a Commonwealth-funded place for up to a maximum period of four years' full-time equivalent study for a doctorate by research and two years' full-time equivalent study for a Master's by research.

All domestic students pay a bi-annual Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). Details about the SSAF, including costs and payment options, are available at our SSAF information page.

Tuition fees for international students will vary, depending on the research area. You can find detailed information by searching here. International students may apply for a fee remission scholarship.

What are the main types of scholarships?

If you are applying for candidature as a graduate researcher at La Trobe you can apply for a scholarship to assist you with your living expenses. International applicants can also apply for scholarships to fund their tuition fees – fees for local candidates are supported by the federal government's Research Training Scheme.

Living allowance scholarships

Learn more about our Australian Postgraduate Award and La Trobe University Postgraduate Research Scholarships.

Full fee research scholarships

As an international applicant for graduate research, you may be eligible for a full fee scholarship. This type of scholarship covers the costs of your tuition fees.

Prestigious scholarships

Find out more about the David Myers Research Scholarship, Australian Futures Research Scholarship and the Fong Yuen Leung Medical Research Fellowship.

External scholarships

In addition to scholarships that are administered by La Trobe, you have many external scholarships to choose from.

Specialist research scholarships

We periodically offer specialist scholarship opportunities that support key research projects. Current openings are listed on this page.

Are there other scholarships and funding sources?

Both prospective and current students can also search for scholarships (living allowance, top-up, travel and conference, etc.) using Hobsons Scholarship Search.

Currently enrolled students can also seek funding to support costs related to their research, including conference travel and field-work expenses. La Trobe lists a range of external scholarship opportunities here. You can take also advantage of La Trobe's subscriptions to Research Professional (a searchable database containing thousands of Australian and international research funding opportunities) and PIVOT (a searchable funding database of grants, fellowships, prizes and awards). You will need to register using a computer on any La Trobe campus. Once registered you can access your account from any location. You can also sign up to Research Mailer to be notified of upcoming ARC and NHMRC funding opportunities.

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