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06 Dec 2022Men are slowly losing their Y chromosome

Jenny Graves, Distinguished Professor of Genetics and Vice Chancellor's Fellow

01 Dec 2022The Angels back in the spotlight

Janelle K Johnstone, PhD Candidate

28 Nov 2022Tourism campaigns often perpetuate stereotypes

Senior Lecturer Dr John Taylor, Anthropology La Trobe University; Senior Lecturer Dr Tarryn Phillips, Crime, Justice and Legal Studies La Trobe University; PhD Candidate Edward Narain, RMIT University and Research Fellow Philippa Chandler, University of Melbourne

25 Nov 2022Nick Cave overture to 2026 Comm Games

Paul Strickland, Lecturer - Tourism, Hospitality and Events

23 Nov 2022Invertebrates: our ecosystem's backbone

Peter Contos and Heloise Gibb, La Trobe University

23 Nov 2022Captive lyrebirds lose their culture

Alex Maisey, Postdoctoral research fellow, Research Centre for Future Landscapes

22 Nov 2022COVID IP waiver should be expanded

Deborah Gleeson, Dianne Nicol, James Scheibner

21 Nov 2022Discussing autism diagnosis with kids

Josephine Barbaro, Marie Camin

21 Nov 2022APEC winds up, ‘summit season’ successes

Nick Bisley, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of International Relations

16 Nov 2022Growing food on the moon

Kim Johnson, Harvey Millar, Matthew Gilliham

11 Nov 2022North Korea's missile tests raise alarm

Dr Ben Habib, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

09 Nov 2022Would co-CEOs be best for every company?

Professor Suzanne Young, La Trobe Business School

07 Nov 2022Australians must learn from Robodebt

Dr Darren O'Donovan, La Trobe Law School

07 Nov 2022Engineers wanted: sport depends on them

Professor Chris Stoltz, Professor of Practice, Engineering, La Trobe University

04 Nov 2022We asked NDIS participants how to fix it

Adjunct Associate Professor Di Walker and Dr Mark Brown

01 Nov 2022Domestic violence and the Melbourne Cup

Dr Kirsty Forsdike, Dr Anne-Marie Laslett, Associate Professor Leesa Hooker

25 Oct 2022Sherpa: Stories of Life and Death

Ruth Gamble, historian of the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalaya

24 Oct 2022Xi cements power, exposed on economy

Tony Walker, Vice-chancellor's fellow

18 Oct 2022Food's an issue to chew over

Tony Bacic, Director of the La Trobe Institute for Agriculture & Food (LIAF)

17 Oct 2022People are shivering in cold and mouldy homes – how did that happen?

Adjunct Research Fellow Rachel Goldlust, Archaeology and Heritage La Trobe University

17 Oct 2022A World Heritage system reform catalyst?

Associate Professor Anita Smith, Archaeology and Heritage La Trobe University, and Helen Marsh, Emeritus Professor, Environmental Science, James Cook University

14 Oct 2022Cycle of social media and poor wellbeing

Hannah Jarman, Centre for Alcohol Policy Research

13 Oct 2022Momentum of women-led protests in Iran

Tony Walker, Vice-chancellor's fellow

05 Oct 2022Evolutionary Sense of Sex and Gender

Professor Jenny Graves, Vice Chancellor's Fellow & Distinguished Professor at La Trobe University.

30 Sep 2022What does it mean to die of ‘old age’ ?

Dr Marc Trabsky, Senior research fellow, La Trobe University

19 Sep 2022Why should we trust science?

Dr John Wright, Adjunct Research Fellow in Philosophy, La Trobe University

15 Sep 2022History of the Mildura region

Stuart Kells - Adjunct Professor at La Trobe University's College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

01 Sep 2022Electric vehicles played long game

Timothy Minchin, Professor of History

01 Sep 2022Gendered views: Marin, Albanese drinking

Dr Amy Pennay, Dr Gabriel Caluzzi, Associate Professor Sarah J MacLean

31 Aug 2022Transforming the care economy

Professor Irene Blackberry, Chair and Director, John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research at La Trobe University

30 Aug 2022Monkeypox - next vaccine equity failure?

Dr Deborah Gleeson, Associate Professor in the School of Psychology and Public Health

30 Aug 2022Address our teachers’ knowledge crisis

Professor Pamela Snow and Associate Professor Tanya Serry

30 Aug 2022We know how to get new teachers ready

Professor Joanna Barbousas, dean of the School of Education

25 Aug 2022Immigration won't fix aged care staffing

Emeritus Professor Hal Swerissen, Public Health

22 Aug 2022Like Grand Designs but naughty

Dr Andrea Waling, Dr Jacinthe Flore, Dr Kiran Pienaar

11 Aug 2022Discussing monkeypox without shame

Jennifer Power, Associate Professor and Principal Research Fellow at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society

04 Aug 2022Our kids are no longer ‘free range’

Dr Hulya Gilbert, Dr Rebecca Clements, Dr Elizabeth Taylor

01 Aug 2022Inclusive cities and breastfeeding

Professor Lisa Amir and Associate Professor Julie Rudner

28 Jul 2022Leadership for a sustainable environment

Professor Aron O’Cass, Dean of the La Trobe Business School

26 Jul 2022Bluey explores involuntary childlessness

Dr Sianan Healy, Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellow, La Trobe University

25 Jul 2022Is netball actually bad for knees and ankles?

Sallie Cowan - Senior Research Fellow and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist at La Trobe University, Brooke Patterson - Research Fellow at La Trobe University, Kay Crossley - Professor at La Trobe University

07 Jul 2022Peer support tackles teacher burnout

Dr Anne Southall, Dr Lindy Baxter and Associate Professor Fiona Gardner, La Trobe University

06 Jul 2022What it means to identify as Indigenous

Professor Julie Andrews, Indigenous Research & Convenor of Aboriginal Studies at La Trobe University, and Research Fellow Francis Markham, ANU

23 Jun 2022More First Nations midwives needed

Pamela McCalman, La Trobe PhD candidate, Professor Catherine Chamberlain and Machellee Kosiak

04 May 2022Children helping our aged care crisis

Darren Midgley, Graduate Researcher at La Trobe University’s John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing Research