Parking Vouchers

Pre-Purchased Daily Parking Vouchers

These vouchers have been designed to allow for College / Central Administrative / Research staff on Melbourne and Bendigo campuses to provide 'complimentary' parking to external parties with the cost being incurred by that area via the pre-purchase arrangement. Vouchers are valid only within 'White' bays and the Visitors Car Park on the Melbourne campus and 'General' bays on the Bendigo campus.

Vouchers can be pre-purchased in books of 20 by College / Central Administrative / Research areas for business purposes and are not to be used as a substitute for a staff members personal parking use.

Once the purchase request has been submitted via archibus, the requestor will receive email advice on when and where to collect the permits.  Given the value attached to these parking permits they will not be sent in internal mail and will need to be collected by the requestor.

Please note that a valid Cost Centre will be required to enable the transaction to be processed.  Staff submitting the request agree that they are authorised to pre-purchase the permits on behalf of the nominated cost centre.

Staff can pre-purchase parking vouchers by completing an ARCHIBUS request.

  1. Click here to access Archibus
  2. Click on "Create Request" on top left of page
  3. Check 'Requestor' details are correct 
  4. Complete 'Work Location' details i.e. your work location 
  5. In 'description' section select 'Problem type' PARKING | VOUCHER
  6. In description text box type Could I please order x parking voucher books (20 per book) ensuring you stipulate number of books required
  7. In 'Priority' section select ROUTINE 
  8. In 'cost' section complete the cost centre and fund fields 
  9. To complete your request, click on 'Submit' (top right of request window) 
  10. An email notification will be sent to you as soon as your request has been accepted. A further email will be sent to you when your vouchers are ready for collection.
    1. For Melbourne campus staff - Vouchers can be collected from the Traffic and Parking Office, Level 1, PE on the Melbourne campus.
    2. For Bendigo campus staff - vouchers can be collected from the Infrastructure and Operations Service Desk, BGB Building, Bendigo Campus
    3. For all other campuses - vouchers will be sent to your via secure mail service.