Frequently Asked Questions


Parking fees apply at the Bendigo Campus between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, parking at the Bendigo Campus is free.

At La Trobe, we have a range of permit and payment options no matter how frequent you park. All options are ticketless which means you don’t need to display a ticket.

Permit Parking - recommended for full-time and part-time staff and students parking regularly.

  • Available via vPermit (or virtual permit).

Casual Parking - for hourly or daily, pay-as-you-go parking. These options are suited to staff, students or visitors parking casually:

For more information on parking permit types, visit Parking at the Bendigo Campus.

Visit Fees and Permits for more information on fees for permit and casual parking options.

The best parking option for each individual will vary from person to person. For example, for Alex who drives to Uni 5 days a week, the best option would be an annual or 6 monthly vPermit - either white or red. For Ali, who drives to Uni 3 days a week for classes, the best option would be an annual or 6 monthly vPermit.

Please visit Parking at Bendigo to review the parking options available.

All car parks have spaces available for people with a disability. To use a parking bay reserved for people with disabilities, a valid parking permit for people with a disability must be displayed.

Motorcycle parking is free in areas reserved for motorcycles in CP4, CP6, CP19 and CP22. Motorcycles may also be parked in any general (white) car parking bays with the purchase of a valid parking permit.

Bendigo permits can only be used at the Bendigo Campus. Bendigo permit holders that are required to travel to the Melbourne Campus in a personal vehicle (in line with the Travel Management Policy) will need to have a valid Melbourne Campus vPermit or use the casual parking options at this campus (CellOPark Pay-As-You-Go or Pay-by-Plate parking meters). Visit Parking at the Melbourne Campus for more information on permit and casual parking options.

Melbourne permits are valid for parking at the Bendigo Campus in the white general parking bays only.

Please refer to this map for parking locations at the Bendigo Campus.


There are a number of options available to get to uni including public transport such as  trams buses, carpooling and cycling. Please visit Transport Central for more information.

In addition, the University has contributed significant funds to improving public transport and will continue to work in partnership with government to improve public transport options to our campuses.

Whilst we are continually in discussions with government, our local members and other members of parliament, we also encourage staff and students to contact their local member requesting improved PT services to La Trobe University.


  1. Register online at vPermit
  2. Select your role - STUDENT / STAFF / OTHER (Contractors and anyone who does not have a email address)
  3. Create a password to register. Do not use your La Trobe password
  4. Once registered, log in to purchase a permit and complete payment details
  5. You can log back in to vPermit at any time to update your details

For more information on using vPermit, read this step-by-step guide.

It can take up to fifteen minutes for the registration email to arrive and it may go to your junk/clutter mailbox. Please do not try to register repeatedly.

Annual and 6 month permits are available for staff and students. Annual permits are valid from 01 JANUARY - 31 DECEMBER and half year permits are valid 01 JANUARY - 30 JUNE or 1 JULY to 31 DECEMBER. Check start/end dates carefully before purchasing.

  • Reserved – available to staff, valid only in designated bays. Staff will be contacted with bay allocations before purchase. Do not purchase a reserved permit unless you have been allocated a bay number.
  • General – available to staff, valid in general bays only
  • Residential - available to students living on residence only
  • Service Permits – Valid in inner-campus service bays (Contractor Permits only)

  • Students can pay by Credit/Debit Card.
  • Staff can pay by Credit/Debit card or Salary deduction (part time and full time staff only).
    • When selecting your permit ensure you choose an option with “fortnightly deduction” in the description.
    • Permits purchased via salary deduction will be automatically activated.
    • Salary deduction will be ongoing with no need for renewal and will discontinue when you cancel them.
    • When purchasing a permit through salary deduction, the first deduction will be for a full fortnight i.e. the first deduction will not be pro-rated even if the permit is purchased towards the end of the current pay period. If the permit is cancelled at a later stage, the pay period in which the permit is cancelled will not be charged.
    • Annual fee increases to permits will automatically be applied to the fortnightly amount deducted.

Note: You must register and apply for your vPermit before making payment. Students must present student identification as proof of eligibility for the student permit rate.

Contact the Bendigo Infrastructure & Operations office on (03) 5444 7333 or

You can register up to 3 vehicles but can have only 1 vehicle as your "active" vehicle at any one time. The active vehicle is the vehicle you are driving and parking that day - if you change vehicles, you need to activate the other licence plate.

To add another vehicle, or update your registration:

  • Log into VPermit (via the website or download the app on Apple or Android devices)
  • Select “My Vehicles”
  • Select “Edit Vehicles”
  • Update details as required.
  • Make sure the correct registration is highlighted green as “active” before exiting

For more information on how to update your vehicle registration details, read this step-by-step guide.

No. Please check the details of your permit carefully before completing the payment process.

Cancelling a permit:

  • Log in to vPermit
  • Select “My Permits”
  • Select “Cancel”

For more information on how to cancel your vPermit, read this step-by-step guide.

Renewing or extending a permit:

Permits purchased by salary deduction will be ongoing with no need for renewal and will discontinue when you cancel them.

All other permits may be renewed after your current permit expires by logging in to vPermit and purchasing a new permit.

No. Extenuating circumstances may be considered. Please submit request to for review

Reserved vPermits are available to staff and are valid only in designated bays. To request a reserved permit contact

Do not purchase a reserved permit unless you have been allocated a bay number.


  1. Download the CellOPark app from iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Register
  3. Once you're registered, you can start parking straight away.

It’s free to register. CellOPark will only charge you for your parking session, there are no additional charges unless you opt for the premium service, which includes an SMS reminder when your parking is about to finish.

You can pay for parking by app, phone or online using your credit/debit card.

Once registered you can start a parking session and then let CellOPark know when you are leaving. There are three easy ways you can do this:

  1. Via the CellOPark app: open the app, select your location, car park zone number, your active vehicle and then slide to START. Slide to STOP when you leave.
  2. From your mobile phone: call CellOPark on 03 9111 1799 and follow the prompts to start your session. Call again to stop your parking. Note that Caller ID must be enabled when you call CellOPark.
  3. Online: log in to your account via the CellOPark website and follow the prompts to start your session. Log in again to stop your parking session.

You can START and STOP your parking session with any one of the above methods or a mix of them.

Standard call and data charges apply. Please contact your mobile phone provider for further details.

Refer to the Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions on the CellOPark website.

If you forget to end your session, you won't be charged more than the daily capped rate.

If you select the wrong zone you may be fined, so if you park in different areas make sure you double check you've picked the right one.

If you park in car parks where the hourly rate is charged by the minute, you should end your parking session before leaving the campus. You will need to start a new session when you return.

Yes, visitors can register with CellOPark and pay by app, phone or web.

Visit the CellOPark website for more information on CellOPark Pay-As-You-Go parking. If you are having trouble with the CellOPark app, contact CellOPark directly.

Pay-by-Plate Meters (Ticket Machines)

Pay-by-Plate parking meters are a ticketless system with no need to return to your car to affix a paper ticket. Hourly and daily car parking is available from Pay-by-Plate meters for parking in general (white) car parking bays.

Pay-by-Plate meters are located in Car Parks 1, 2 and 9.

  1. Enter your registration and select the period of parking time required
  2. Pay by cash (coins only) or credit card
  3. A receipt will be printed but you do not need to display it

Coins and credit/debit cards only.

If the credit/debit card function is not working, you can use coins.

If the machine is out of order you can use a machine in one of the other car parks or CelloPark.

Parking Infringements

Parking Infringements may be issued if:

  • You forgot to switch over the “active” registration
  • You entered your registration letters/numbers incorrectly
  • Your vehicle was parked outside of a designated parking bay
  • Your vehicle was parked in a bay other than the type shown on your permit

Full instructions for appealing fines can be found on the back of the infringement notice.

A full list of payment methods can be found on the back of the infringement notice.

From 2021, parking infringements will continue to be mailed out however infringement notices being placed on vehicle windscreens will cease. This aligns with the parking infringement system requirements in Victoria, which is highly regulated.