Our collaborators

The Grand Challenge is made possible with support from the Centre for Technology Infusion and La Trobe Accelerator Program.

Centre for Technology Infusion

The Centre for Technology Infusion (CTI) is La Trobe’s top-tier Research and Development (R&D) Centre.

Focus areas

The CTI's core expertise is in the design and development of Sensor systems, Micro Chips, Wired/Wireless Systems, System Integration and Complex Data Analytics.

Clients come to the Centre to apply new technologies to existing problems, which usually starts with a feasibility verification and can consequently result in prototype development, field trials, market ready development and integration with legacy systems.

Blue Chip standards

CTI has established industry standard R&D infrastructure to support research and technology development in these areas, including an eco-system of the world’s best delivery partners.

De-risking investment

The Centre has a strong track-record of delivering award-winning field ready solutions with our Proven Risk Elimination Methodology. Their current clients are with them for four or more years.

All CTI’s projects are in collaboration with industry partners and their teams are predominantly externally funded and in selected cases take even equity in start-ups.

As an R&D Centre they know that the creation of new products is a journey which can take unexpected turns. The Centre takes responsibility to alert clients of alternate routes and has the flexibility to accommodate redirections.

Visit the CTI website

La Trobe Accelerator Program

The La Trobe Accelerator Program (LTAP) is a university led accelerator program that helps transform good ideas into viable businesses. LTAP promotes and supports the development of start-ups from within the broader regional community of Victoria and La Trobe University i.e. students, staff and alumni groups. It offers resources such as equity free funding, business acumen and tailored, dedicated support to help entrepreneurs, tech-innovators and start-ups to pursue their goals and ventures. By engaging regional businesses, Victorian communities, students and researchers, into a single network, LTAP strengthened its commitment to outstanding entrepreneurship, research and innovation in 2017.

Unique program structure

We select the top founders from across all La Trobe University campuses, and anyone who has previously been associated with La Trobe University. Each team receives 1:1 coaching from mentors dedicated to individual teams.

Start-up teams can receive up go $20,000 funding (no equity taken). We have a strong program of investor preparation and can introduce you to venture capital firms.

As part of the program, start-ups benefit from:

  • workshops
  • coaching
  • mentoring
  • office resources
  • intellectual property
  • business advice from program partners.

Successful start-up teams are expected to:

  • devote a significant amount of time to their start-up over the incubation period
  • work at our dedicated co-working spaces on the campuses
  • utilise the mentoring and coaching available through the program.


Through our partnership with Deakin University and Federation University, the La Trobe Accelerator Program is uniquely positioned to unlock the innovation within Victoria’s regional communities. LTAP’s governance model and source of funding allows LTAP to attract the best and brightest into the program regardless of where the ideas originate.

LTAP's collaborative model enables a range of initiatives, including:

  • joint pitching forums, joint public forums and close interaction and collaboration between LTAP and other accelerators
  • the ability to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem across regional Victoria
  • establishing strategic alliances with key commercial partners.

Visit the Accelerator Program website