The Grand Challenge High School Edition

The Grand Challenge–High School Edition (GC - HSE) sets out to inspire students to leverage new technologies and solve today's pressing problems.

About the Grand Challenge-High School Edition

We are looking for bright high school students who have the insight, drive and tech ability to bring their innovations to life.

The Challenge is looking for critical and creative thinkers who are motivated to solve real world problems using new technologies.

This competition is a collaboration of La Trobe's Centre for Technology Infusion, La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, and the La Trobe Business School.

Challenge theme: Smart City Innovation

No region in the world is urbanising faster than Asia and Asian cities have their own unique challenges, which are different from European cities. With urban growth comes the challenges of economic growth, sustainability, efficiency and liveability.

This year we are inviting students to use technology to help solve their own city’s challenges, representing any of the following themes:

  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • Mobility and Transport
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Energy, Waste and Water.

How does the competition work?

High school students from India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam who are aged between 16 and 19 need to form teams of three to five people and register when the competition is open for entries next year.

During the year, eligible teams work to validate and refine their concept.

At the end of Phase One, each team needs to submit a short report on the project. Students will be able to access guiding material online, and workshops will be organised by the Centre for Technology Infusion.

By the end of Phase Two, teams need to upload a video presenting their smart solution. The videos will be assessed based on the validity of the problem being solved, originality and impact of the solution, market research and feasibility of the solution and the quality of the presentation.

Enter Now

Entries have closed for this round, but will reopen in 2024 for the next round.