Grand Challenge Terms and Conditions

2022-23 Technology Infusion Grand Challenge Terms


  1. La Trobe University (ABN 64 804 735 113) (La Trobe) is conducting a Challenge called the 2022-23 Technology Infusion Grand Challenge (Challenge).
  2. These terms (Terms) apply to the Challenge and by submitting your application to enter the Challenge you agree to be bound by these Terms. Any application that does not comply with these Terms may be deemed invalid and ineligible to participate or to continue in the Challenge or to win any prize.
  3. La Trobe reserves the right to exclude from any stage of the Challenge any application, entry, team or participant that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be in breach of these Terms or otherwise inappropriate, offensive or in violation of any rule or law or any other Challenge guidelines or criteria.
  4. The key dates for the Challenge are outlined below. Any applications received after the entry dates will be deemed invalid. No responsibility is accepted for late, lost, delayed or misdirected entries. La Trobe reserves the right to extend and change the Challenge dates in its sole discretion. La Trobe will notify participants accepted into the Challenge of any changes to the Challenge dates.


  1. The Challenge is open to all university undergraduate students who:
    1. are enrolled at a university in Asia
    2. are studying in their final two undergraduate years of studies in either a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and/or Business course
    3. are aged 18 years or above
    4. have demonstrated technical, entrepreneurial or leadership qualities in academic and/or extra-curricular activities; and
    5. have approval from an authorised representative of their university (department head or equivalent) to participate in the Challenge.
  1. Applications to enter the Challenge are free. La Trobe reserves the right to verify each applicant’s eligibility to participate in the Challenge and each applicant agrees to provide further documents or evidence of eligibility upon request. Each application to this Challenge is judged on skill and merit and chance plays no part in determining the progress of any team or winner of any Challenge prize.
  2. By submitting an application and participating in the Challenge, each applicant warrants to La Trobe that:
    1. all details provided with their application and during their participation are true and accurate
    2. the applicant owns or has the right to submit their application and to participate in this Challenge
    3. the applicant has obtained consent from any person in their application to submit this application on their behalf, participate in the Challenge, and to use their name and image for this Challenge
    4. their application and participation in the Challenge will not (and will not cause La Trobe to):
      • infringe any person’s copyright or other intellectual property rights
      • infringe any person’s privacy rights or any applicable privacy laws or breach any other laws
  3. La Trobe may at, any stage in the Challenge and in its sole discretion, accept or refuse any application, including but not limited to where an application is insufficient, inadequate or incomplete, does not meet eligibility requirements, or is restricted by any laws, regulations or institutional policies or requirements.

Challenge Phases

  1. The Challenge is split into two (2) phases:  Phase 1: Concept and Design Phase, and Phase 2: Final Working Prototype Phase. Requirements for each phase are set out below. Acceptance of any application does not guarantee progress into any later stage of the Challenge.

    Phase 1 Challenge: Concept and Design Phase

  2. Each applicant must:
    1. form a team of three (3) to five (5) students from the same institution (each an applicant)
    2. participate in one (1) team only
    3. prepare their concept or idea in accordance with any guidelines published or notified by La Trobe on the Grand Challenge page
    4. submit their application by completing the online registration form on the Challenge website and uploading their concept or idea to the Challenge website by no later than 20 December 2022; and
    5. include in their application a letter of support from their university (head of department or equivalent) or be prepared to provide such evidence of support before progressing to the Challenge.
  3. La Trobe will assess applications and elect in its discretion which applications will proceed to the next phase of the Challenge. La Trobe will notify successful teams by email by January 2023.
  4. If notified as successful by La Trobe, applicants wishing to progress in the Challenge must then:
    1. complete further work on their application to refine their concept or idea; and
    2. in March 2023 (by such date as notified by La Trobe), upload a video on YouTube which presents their concept and design and send a link to La Trobe where their video can be viewed.
  5. Video entries will be reviewed and judged by La Trobe, through Challenge judges appointed by La Trobe, in accordance with any Challenge criteria, and any decision will be final.
  6. Teams will then be notified as follows:
    1. the top teams will be selected to receive a contribution of up to AUD$1,000 (amount to be determined by La Trobe) to produce a final working prototype (Contribution). Contributions will be paid in a manner determined by La Trobe and to the university at which the team is enrolled or by other suitable arrangement as advised by La Trobe;
    2. teams that receive investment monies from La Trobe, but subsequently withdraw from the Challenge may be asked to return the investment funds; and
    3. all other teams will receive feedback from La Trobe on their application and be encouraged to continue to participate in the Challenge at their own cost and expense and to refine concept and design and produce a final working prototype to submit for the Final Working Prototype Phase;
  7. La Trobe may seek further evidence of support from each continuing team’s university supporting their continuing participation in the Challenge.

Phase 2 Challenge: Final Working Prototype Phase

  1. Participants continuing in the Challenge will enter the 2nd Semester Challenge: Final Working Prototype Phase. Teams must continue to work on a final working prototype of their concept and design following completion of the 1st Semester Challenge: Concept and Design Phase.
  2. Final working prototypes must be submitted to La Trobe by December 2023. La Trobe will review all final submissions and determine in its discretion which of the submissions will progress to a final show case event to be held in February/March 2024 (Showcase Event).
  3. The Showcase Event will be held in virtual mode before an international jury on a date to be notified by La Trobe.

Judging and Winning Team

  1. An International Jury appointed by La Trobe and consisting of selected academics and industry executives will determine the winning entry (Winning Entry) at the Showcase Event. The Winning Entry is selected and determined based on the following criteria:
    1. Validity of the problem being solved (25%)
      • How well is the problem defined and supported?
      • Have the risks and opportunities of the concept been identified and assessed?
    2. Originality and impact of the solution (25%)
      • How unique is the solution?
      • Impact: Is it an incremental improvement or transformative solution?
    3. Engineering/IT Excellence of the prototype (25%)
      • Degree of technical difficulty in the building solution
      • Its functional excellence for the end-user(s)
    4. Commercialisation potential of the solution (25%)
      • Commercialisation potential demonstrated by clarity of an exit strategy if this was a start-up initiative
  2. The Winning Entry will be announced during the Showcase Event. The Winning Entry and the details of the winning participants may be published on La Trobe’s website and social media accounts. The decision of the International Jury is final and binding on each participant.

Challenge Prize

  1. Subject to any travel restrictions or local regulations in force or any health or safety considerations at the time of the event, the winning participants will be awarded with a 2-week mentorship stay in Melbourne where they will be given the opportunity to work with academic and business experts at the Centre for Technology Infusion at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia (“Prize”). The Prize includes the following:
    • Return flights from each participant’s place of residence or nearby location to be designated by La Trobe to Melbourne, Australia and then back to their respective initial location
    • Accommodation costs and allowances for drinks and meals in accordance with La Trobe’s policies
  2. All travel arrangements pursuant to point 21 must be made through La Trobe’s agent. Any other costs and expenses associated with the Prize such as additional transportation and luggage fees, spending money, additional meals and other ancillary expenses are the responsibility of the Prize winner. Each Prize winner will also require (and be responsible for the cost of obtaining) a valid passport and required visas. Travel insurance is also the responsibility of each Prize winner. The Prize cannot be redeemed for cash and is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  3. La Trobe will not be responsible for any decision of any regulatory body or authority concerning a decision to refuse or grant a passport and visa application and will not be refunding any costs incurred by a Prize winner in relation to applying for a passport and visa.
  4. The Prize winners must confirm their Prize acceptance within 2 weeks of being notified that they are Prize winners. The Prize can only be redeemed during the La Trobe University semester dates. It is the responsibility of the Prize winners to determine their dates for travel.  Each Prize winner must notify La Trobe of their intended travel dates and must travel together.
  5. Once airline and transportation fares have been ticketed, no changes by a Prize winner will be permitted. La Trobe will not replace any lost or stolen tickets or travel vouchers.
  6. If any event (includes unforeseen events beyond the control of La Trobe including a declaration of state of emergency and disaster, disease or medical epidemic and pandemics, quarantine, medical outbreaks, travel restrictions and country entry or exit restrictions) prevents or hinders the Challenge or La Trobe’s ability to deliver a prize, La Trobe may in its absolute discretion cancel the Challenge, select another Prize Winner or provide a similar prize of equivalent value.
  7. La Trobe may refuse to award a prize, or seek its recovery, in the event of the relevant participant’s fraud, dishonesty, or non-entitlement under, or breach of, these terms and conditions.
  8. Prize winners should obtain their own independent financial advice in relation to any tax liability that may arise as a result of their participation in the Challenge.
  9. Each participant acknowledges that participation in the Challenge and redemption of the Prize may involve risk. La Trobe may require a Prize winner to sign an indemnity and release prior to redeeming the Prize or participating in the Challenge.

Entry Content and Publicity

  1. Each participant grants to La Trobe a perpetual, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, publish and communicate their entry, including a right to sublicense it to other parties (including posting on La Trobe’s social media accounts, in any format, for an unlimited time and in any territory for the purpose of the Challenge and for La Trobe’s marketing and promotional purposes).
  2. Participants may be required to participate in interviews and publicity. Each participant agrees to La Trobe using their name, image, photographs and videos for publicity and promotional purposes without compensation and agrees that La Trobe will own any copyright in any such images, photographs, videos and any other materials containing the name and image of the participants.

Personal information

  1. Each participant consents to La Trobe using any personal information supplied or connected with their entry for the purposes of the Challenge and for La Trobe’s marketing and promotional purposes.
  2. La Trobe handles personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy and Procedure.

Disclaimer and liability

  1. La Trobe accepts no responsibility for invalid, misdirected, lost or delayed entries, any incorrect or inaccurate information, any equipment or technical error, or for any defect in, theft, destruction, unauthorised access to or alteration of any entry.
  2. To the extent permitted by law, La Trobe will not be liable for any injury, damages, expenses, or loss whatsoever (whether direct or indirect) to persons or property as a result of any person entering the Challenge or accepting or using any prize, including without limitation non-receipt of any prize.
  3. To the extent permitted by law, all warranties in respect of the Challenge and any prize, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, are excluded. To the extent such warranties cannot be excluded by law but liability can lawfully be limited, liability is limited at La Trobe’s option to replacing the prize or the cost of replacing the prize or acquiring an equivalent item.
  4. The Challenge is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, La Trobe’s social media channels, and any other social media channels used to facilitate the Challenge, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the Challenge should be directed to La Trobe.
  5. Each participant releases YouTube, Facebook and Instagram from any and all liability for any loss, damage or injury arising out of or in relation to the Challenge.
  6. This Challenge is conducted under, and must be construed by, the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia and the laws of Victoria, Australia govern the terms and conditions of this Challenge.