Addressing workplace violence in nursing

PhD candidate, Gwenn Recla-Vamenta, is investigating second-level nurses’ experiences of workplace violence

PhD candidate, Gwenn Recla-Vamenta, has recently published a scoping review on second-level nurses’ experiences of workplace violence in the Journal of Nursing Management.

Second-level nurses provide nursing care under the direction of first-level Registered Nurses and represent a crucial part of the nursing workforce.

“There has been a growing body of literature focusing on registered nurses' workplace violence experiences, however, the experiences of second-level nurses have not been well-explored,” says Gwenn.

Gwenn’s research is addressing this gap and providing a better understanding of the scope and nature of workplace violence for second-level nurses by evaluating the available international evidence.

“The results of my scoping review indicated that second-level nurses experienced both physical and non-physical violence. This non-physical violence included bullying, mobbing, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, nurse-to-nurse conflict and electronic abuse.”

“The review also highlighted the lack of international evidence around second-level nurses' specific workplace violence experiences due to limited published studies and significant variations across reported results.”

Gwenn hopes that the findings from her scoping review, and future research, will help to inform healthcare organisations, universities, nurse unit managers and policymakers.

“There is an urgent need to develop and implement effective policies and interventions to address workplace violence and improve second-level nurses' working conditions. My research will hopefully make a meaningful contribution to this.”

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