Meet our Sport and Exercise Science students

Our students are preparing to make a difference in the Australian health sector

Oliver Moore

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise student, Oliver Moore (pictured above), is passionate about human movement and performance.

“I chose this course because I wanted to deepen my knowledge and expertise in the area, while giving myself the best chance of acceptance into the Masters of Physiotherapy program at La Trobe.”

“The high-quality facilities and passion of the teaching staff was clear from the outset of the degree and have remained consistent throughout the course. I was excited about the practical nature of the La Trobe teaching model and the flexibility offered.”

Oliver has enjoyed both the academic and practical aspects of the degree.

“My studies in human anatomy, physiology and exercise prescription and delivery have been

the most enjoyable and engaging aspects of the degree. It has also been great to learn how to conduct various exercise tests and get the opportunity to participate in them myself.”

Oliver will take his interest in human movement to the next level when he goes on to do his Master of Physiotherapy at La Trobe next year.

“I’m grateful for the position the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science has put me in before beginning this new course of study. I feel confident and well-placed to succeed in this new chapter,” he says.

“In the future I look forward to combining both degrees to work with various populations, particularly high-performance athletes and hopefully work with runners, amateur to elite, to help optimise their performance and allow them to experience similar passions that I have been lucky enough to enjoy.”

Georgia Culpeper

Sport and exercise have always been a big part of Georgia Culpeper’s life.

“I’m passionate about understanding movement and expanding human potential. That’s why I chose to do a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at La Trobe. The exercise science facilities at La Trobe offered a quality education and opportunity to explore some of the best technologies in sport and exercise science.”

“I’ve really loved getting to know some of my lecturers across the three years. Many of them

have provided valuable insight beyond the course content, and I hope to stay in contact with them in the future.”

During her studies, Georgia completed a clinical placement at Absolute Health and Performance, and a sport placement at Port Melbourne Football Club.

“My time at Absolute allowed me to explore exercise physiology and exercise science within a

clinical setting. It exposed me to a range of clients and sparked my interest in

heading down this path.”

“My season with Port Melbourne challenged me to put into practice the theories and principles I had learnt during my time at La Trobe. Experiencing success with this team is one of my proudest achievements!”

With graduation around the corner, Georgia now plans to go on to a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology to become an accredited Exercise Physiologist.

“I’m interested in working with a range of populations and challenging myself to make a great impact upon those I work with. I am also looking to continue working with various sporting teams and drive success in a fast paced, competitive environment.”