Improving water management

Meet Deiva Mani Kailasam, a final-year student in our Master of Information Technology degree

Deiva Mani Kailasam is in his final year of a Master of Information Technology degree.

As part of the degree, students complete an applied research or industry development project. Kailasam worked with a water management company that provides a range of services including treatment, recycling and monitoring.

“Engineers currently visit each water management site to record specific measurements on paper service sheets, which are later entered into an online database,” explains Kailasam. “I developed a secure web-based application that replaces the existing paper-based procedure, introduces automation and enables new functionality.”

The application works on any device. The engineer enters the data digitally, removing the need for physical document storage. Details can be pre-filled and reports can be auto-generated. Reports can be emailed directly from the application, rather than having to return to the office.

The application also enables the user to view historical data from each site in a graphical format, helping guide engineers to monitor and solve potential issues.

“I enjoyed the project,” says Kailasam. “It challenged me to improve my problem-solving skills, and produce quality work that fulfilled the client’s requirements. I’ve also learned transferable technical skills that will help me in my future career.”

Kailasam presented his project at the 2020 Engineering and IT Showcase. “It was a great experience for me to showcase my work virtually to local businesses and recruiters, especially given the difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Kailasam. “I was very pleased to be offered a work placement interview by one of the showcase attendees. I have since secured the job, and I’m now a permanent employee working as a software developer.”

“I chose further study at La Trobe because I wanted to update my skills,” adds Kailasam. “I am looking forward to graduating soon and working to offer creative solutions to Australian companies.”

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