Lee - Structural biology in gene regulation and DNA damage repair pathway

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Mihwa LeeDr Mihwa Lee

ARC DECRA Fellow, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

How can we explain the complexity of the human species when we have a comparably similar number of genes as the simple roundworm, C. elegans? It is apparent that the attribute distinguishing humans from the less complex organisms is not the number of genes itself but the regulation of gene expression. More complex gene regulation, therefore, is required for higher organisms and aberrant regulation of gene expression leads to various disorders such as developmental abnormalities, cancer and metabolic disorders.

Our laboratory's research interests lie in the area of gene regulation and DNA damage repair pathway. We are particularly interested in characterising the macromolecular complexes (protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid complexes) in the nucleus to understand their roles in gene regulation and DNA damage repair pathway.

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