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Weisan ChenProfessor Weisan Chen

Professor, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

Our lab specialises in CD8+ T cell biology and antigen processing and presentation, especially in relation to the development of cross-protective immune responses to the influenza virus.

Our research activities are divided between human T cell research (identification of mechanisms generating immunodominant human anti-influenza CD8+ T cells and CD8+ T cell epitopes for common HLA molecules expressed within the Australian population) and mouse models of influenza virus infection. These projects investigate the interactions between T cells and antigen-presenting cells, macrophages and monocytes and their impact on the severity of influenza induced lung pathogenesis.

As part of the NHMRC Influenza program (2014-2019), my lab uses our expanding knowledge of innate versus adaptive immune cell interactions and antigen processing, presentation and epitope selection to 1) aid the development of a universal T cell-based vaccine to the influenza virus and 2) elucidate the host immune cell factors governing influenza infection severity.

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