Theme Leaders

Chen - T cell immunology

Our group specialises in CD8+ T cell biology and antigen processing and presentation, particularly in relation to the development of cross-protective immune responses to the influenza virus.

Heras - Bacterial virulence factors: structure and function

Our group studies the molecular mechanisms underlying Gram-negative bacterial infections to develop antibacterial drugs that are not susceptible to existing resistance mechanisms.


Anderson - Plant innate immunity proteins

Our group works on protection of humans and crops from pathogens. We do this by studying natural defences of plants, and the biology of the pathogens themselves.

Dougan - Protein homeostasis in health and disease

Our group studies AAA+ proteases, responsible for general and regulated protein turn over in bacteria and in some organelles of eukaryotes.

Fairlie - Apoptosis, autophagy, cancer, drug development and peptides

Our group use a combination of biochemistry, cell biology, structural biology and medicinal chemistry approaches to understand the precise molecular mechanisms that control apoptosis.

Foley - Use of single domain antibodies as therapeutics in fibrosis and other chronic diseases

Our group uses single domain antibodies that have been developed from sharks to identify novel therapeutics against a number of chronic diseases.

Irving - Inflammation

Our group studies the molecular interactions in signal transduction networks regulating inflammation.

Keightley – Myeloid development and disease

Our group uses zebrafish models to discover and understand molecular pathways in blood cell development and disease.

Kvansakul - Structural biology of cell death and host-pathogen interactions

Our group examines how viruses hijack cellular defence systems to ensure their own proliferation and survival.

Poon - Apoptotic cell disassembly and clearance

Our group studies the machinery that control how dying cells can disassemble into smaller pieces, and the importance of cell disassembly in disease settings, to identify new drugs to control this process.

Puthalakath - Regulation of apoptosis by Bcl-2 family proteins

Our group researches the molecular basis of apoptosis regulation during heart failure, sepsis and in chemo resistance.

Soares da Costa – Antibiotic and herbicide discovery

Our group focuses on the development and characterisation of novel classes of antibiotics and herbicides to minimise the emergence of resistance.

Tucci - Bacteriophage as alternatives to antibiotics, pharmacogenomics and pharmacy practice

Our group studies the use of bacteriophage as alternatives to antibiotics. We also examine the personalization of medicine to fit a patient's genetic profile, and patient management of medication in the treatment of chronic disease.

Wijeyewickrema - Proteases, inhibitors and receptors: relationship to disease states

Our group researches enzymes, called proteases, which operate at the interface between a host, such as a human being and microbes that cause disease.