After applying

After you've submitted your application, learn about the next steps and how to accept your offer.

Accepting your offer

  • Pay your compulsory fee online through your application on StarPortal. The compulsory fee is a non-refundable.
  • You will need to upload a passport-style digital photo during the online acceptance. The photo should only be of your head and neck, just like a passport photo, and be a clear good quality photo of yourself against a plain background, without hats, sunglasses.
  • Complete the online part of the acceptance process.
  • Your online accepted Residential Agreement is a legally-binding document and you must ensure that you understand all the contractual conditions.
  • Your offer will lapse if we do not receive all necessary documentation by the nominated due date. Your place could be forfeited and cancelled. Unfortunately we are not able to provide extensions to accepting an offer as there are always people on the waiting list in need of accommodation.

Declining an offer

  • If you decline an offer, your application will be cancelled, unless you request it to be on the wait-list for a different residence.
  • If you do not notify us that you are declining the offer, your place will lapse and your application will not be considered for another offer. You must tell us if you still want to be considered for another offer.

Withdrawing from an offer

Withdrawing an application or cancelling an offer

If you have applied but no longer require accommodation for any reason, please log into the StarPortal and back into your application and select cancel or decline. Alternatively, you can let us know in writing via email as soon as possible, so that we can offer your place to an applicant on the waiting list.

Cancelling an offer after accepting it

If you have accepted your Offer of Accommodation online and wish to cancel, you will need to notify us in writing via email as soon as possible. Cancellations will not be accepted over the phone.

Cancelling an offer after accepting it will be considered early termination of the Residential Agreement and you will be required to pay a $600 cancellation fee, unless you can provide evidence of exceptional circumstances.

Vacating your residence

If you wish to vacate residence once you have arrived, you must complete a web departure form at least four (4) weeks prior to the date you wish to leave, or prior to the end of your Residential Agreement. This form can be located via your StarPortal account. If you wish to leave prior to the end of the agreed term of Residential Agreement you will be required to pay a $600 cancellation fee, as well as providing 28 days notice, unless you can provide evidence of exceptional circumstances. All outstanding accounts must be settled at the time of vacating.

Accommodation Services prides itself on fostering an inclusive and diverse living and learning environment, however we do understand that residential life is not a fit for everyone. As a result, we actively encourage all students to discuss their specific circumstances, and the reasons they may have for wishing to vacate, with a Residential Services staff member prior to submitting a web departure form.

Complaints and appeals

If you seek to appeal the decision or make a complaint relating to your placement in University-owned and operated accommodation, please write to:

The Senior Manager
Accommodation Services
La Trobe University
c/o Menzies College
Bundoora, Victoria, 3086

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