Dr Melody

Dr Melody Carter

PhD, MSc (Econ) PGCE, BSc (Hons) RGN, DN

, Adjunct Associate Professor, The School of Nursing and Midwifery

College of Science, Health and Engineering

School of Nursing and Midwifery

George Singer 318, Melbourne (Bundoora)


PhD UWE, Bristol, MSc (Econ) University of Wales in Cardiff, PGCE (HE) UWE, Bristol, Bsc (Hons) UWE, Bristol, RGN Princess Alexander School of Nursing London DN East London Polytechnic



Membership of professional associations

The International Philosophy of Nursing Society http://www.ipons.dundee.ac.uk/ The British Gerontological Society http://www.britishgerontology.org/home.html , Member of Xi Omicron Chapter of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau (STTI)

Area of study


Brief profile

Scholarly interests and expertise include:

Nurse education (including nursing theory, blended/digital and learning in clinical practice), student recruitment and retention, leadership/management, applied social science, workforce and practice development for health and social care, communication skills, ageing studies, nursing philosophy, ethical practice, evidence based practice, person centred care, the involvement of service users and carers in health and social care education, health and housing and the philosophy of Pierre Bourdieu.

Melody moved from the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK in 2013 to joint the team in the La Trobe University School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2013. She has worked for the Department of Health in England,  held executive nurse, health service management and senior clinical nursing roles in the acute and primary care sectors of a number of NHS organisations in London and in the South West of England.

She says her best work has been in partnership with other disciplines including social care and housing, where innovations in health service design can make a big difference ot patient safety and patient experience. She is currently working with Dr Louise Ward (La Trobe University) on a collaborative health and wellbeing project involving mental health services users, students and the creative arts.  Ensuring that excellent clinical practice and patient experience are reflected in nursing and midwifery education is a key driver in Melody's approach.  Whilst at La Trobe, Melody led the development of the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Journal Club for the School and worked with the research focus group to develop a strategy for Research and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning.



Teaching units

Undergraduate,postgraduate teaching, HDR supervision experience includes: leadership/management, evidenced based practice, interprofessional practice,  nursing assessment, decision making, communication skills/diversity studies, community care, long term conditions, mental health nursing, the philosophy of nursing, applied social science, good clinical practice in research, methods and application of social research, advanced nursing practice.

Melody has extensive experience in curriculum development for UG (pre registration nursing) and for Masters level study; Subjects/Modules for Masters in Nursing Science (online) and  the Transitions in Dementia Care Elective to the La Trobe Nursing UG Curriculum  in partnership with Dr Margaret Wimbolt and Dr Julie Ellis.

As Director of Teaching and Learning, Melody has led a number of key projects for quality improvement and innovation in digital learning.


student recruitment and retention, student experience, nurse education, dignity, compassion, housing, health, nursing careers, professional development, fostering and adoption

Recent publications

Carter M.(2016) Deceit and dishonesty as practice: the comfort of lying Nursing Philosophy Vol 17, Issue 3 pages 202-210 July 2016 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/nup.12129/abstract

Carter M. (2016) Critical Considerations in Evidence-Based Interprofessional Practice in Martin Lipscomb (Ed) Exploring evidence –Based Practice: Debates and Challenges in Nursing London: Routledge https://www.researchgate.net/publication/280933607_Exploring_Evidence-Based_Practice_Debates_and_Challenges_in_Nursing Carter M.(2016) Deceit and dishonesty as practice: the comfort of lying Nursing Philosophy Vol 17, Issue 3 pages 202-210 July 2016 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/nup.12129/abstract

Carter M (2014) Vocation and altruism nursing: The habits of practice. Nursing Ethics  2014 21:695 available online from: http://nej.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/21/6/695.pdf?ijkey=SXqOIa1vklIgzBv&keytype=ref

Carter M (2013) Nursing in the 21st Century: Perfect Practice, Imperfect Practitioners. 16th IPONS conference notes Leeds UK: A Conference Report for Nursing Philosophy 2013 pp1-3 available online http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/%28ISSN%291466-769X/earlyview

Carter M (2013) Book review: Humanizing healthcare reforms Arbuckle GA. Humanizing healthcare reforms. London: Jessica Kingsley Nursing Ethics 20(5) 604–606 available online from http://0-nej.sagepub.com.alpha2.latrobe.edu.au/content/20/5/604

Carter M and Dewey A (2013) Nursing Values for Pre-registration Nursing Recruitment, Education and Transition into Employment: A Review Department of Health England Health Education England June 2013

Carter M (2010) Telling Tales: atrocity stories and the patient experience Nursing Management February 2010 1.6 (9) 28-31 available online from http://0-search.proquest.com.alpha2.latrobe.edu.au/docview/236928732

Recent Conference Papers/Presentations:

Carter M (2015) A sign of the times; Technology, Materiality and Institutional Talk (August 2015) International Philosophy of Nursing Society 19th Annual Conference Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden.

Carter M (2015) Global Citizenship: devloping the concept for nursing and Midwifery education. Schoalrship for Learning and Teaching 'showcase' La Trobe University Melbourne 2015

Carter M & Dewey A. (2014) Compassion and Caring attitudes and behaviour: achieving coherence for recruitment and selection in pre-registration nurse education (February 2014) Research and Innovations in Recruitment and Retention in Nursing, NHS Scotland, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Carter M (2012) Dignity in Care: Managing Disorder and Disgust in Nursing Practice International Philosophy of Nursing Conference Sept 2012 University of Leeds UK

Carter M (2012) Dignity in Care: Equipping professionals for practice UWE, Bristol Dignity in Care Event: February 2012

Carter M (2011) New Concepts for Practice Learning: Home, Like Home, Near Home, Not Home. Nurse Education Today Conference, Churchill College University of Cambridge September 2011

Carter M (2009) Motivation to Nurse: what is the place of vocation and altruism in primary care careers? RCN International Research Conference Cardiff March 2009



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Older publications

Carter M (2003) A Talent for Improvement: Home Improvements for Better Health Primary Health Journal Vol. 13 no 9 October 2003 available online from http://rcnpublishing.com/doi/pdfplus/10.7748/phc2003.

Carter M (1996) Working at the Interface: Joint working between health and social services staff Southmead Health Services NHS Trust;

Carter M. and Prime L. (1997) Nurse Led Transitional Care Unit (submitted to the Golden Helix award scheme) Southmead Health Services NHS Trust.

Carter M (1996) NHS Responsibilities for Continuing Care-Multidisciplinary Audit Southmead Health Services NHS Trust Bristol

Carter M. (1996) Mind the Gap! Journal of Community Nursing November 1996

Carter M.(1995) Multidisciplinary Audit of Care Management Southmead Health Services NHS Trust Bristol.

Smith C.M., Carter M., Loughman B., Marks R., Sebel P., Yate P.M. (1991) Effects of General Anaesthesia on Reaction Time in Elderly Patients Undergoing Endoscopic Urological Surgery Proceedings of the Anaesthetics Research Society British Journal of Anaesthesia 1330P

Smith C. M., Carter M., Sebel P., Yate P. M. (1991) Mental Function after General Anaesthesia for Transurethral Procedures British Journal of Anaesthesia Vol. 67:262-268

Carter M (1989) Effects of Anaesthesia on Mental Performance in the Elderly Nursing Times January 25 Vol.85 No 4 pp 40-42

Research projects

Recent/current work:

2016 La Trobe University College of Science Health and Engineering Teaching and Learning Grant with Dr Michelle Newton, Dr Ian Mosley, Sonia Reisenhofer, Virginia Lewis

2015 La Trobe University with Dallas Neighbourhood House, Hume Council SMILE: Student Managed Intiatives in Lifestyle Improvement. with Dr Louise Ward.

2015 La Trobe University Digital Innovation Grant Quality and innovation in Digital Assessment (with Yangama Jokwiro, Monica Peddle, Melinda Price and Sean Parker)

2014 La Trobe University,  Personal Tutors for Nursing Students (with Dr Jo Rayner and Helen Enright) HEPPP funded project

2012-13 Department of Health, England Values based recruitment for pre-registration nursing students (with Dr Ann Dewey,  University of Portsmouth)

2009 UWE, Bristol, PhD.  Motivation to Nurse: what is the place of vocation and altruism in primary care careers?