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Blues & Sports Awards

Blues awards Owen OdigieThe University Blue is a prestigious award for excellence in sport.  The Blues are awarded annually at the Blues and Sports Awards Night, held every year in May.

This prestigious, annual event recognises elite sports men and women who have represented the University via our Clubs, Intervarsity Sport and or at World University games.  There are also awards for Outstanding Service which recognise the outstanding service to sports clubs by members of the La Trobe Community.

Life members

  1. Mr Ralph GALLAGHER
  2. Mr Nic HALL
  3. Mr Allan LEE
  4. Mr Colin MACKLIN
  5. Mr Franz SAUL
  7. Mr Slaven MARUSIC
  8. Mr Howard TOYNE
  9. Mr Jono NEVILLE
  10. Mr Hugh MCKECHNIE
  11. Mr Daniel GRATTIDGE
  12. Ms Naomi HIRST
  13. Ms Meryll EVANS
  14. Mr Gabriel PHILLIPS
  15. Mr Peter MOAR

La Trobe University Blues Awards


NameAward PositionSport
Joshua ThorntonSportsman Of The Year Lawn Bowls
Kelsey GriffinSportswoman Of The YearBasketball
Ruth BrophyAcademic & Sporting Excellence AwardInline Hockey
Kyah English University Blue Taekwondo
Brodie Grundy University Blue
Australian Rules Football
Anna KellyUniversity BlueCross Country
Joy Lai University BlueBadminton
Rebecca MannUniversity BlueKayaking
Emily Marotta University BlueFencing
Katerina PaulUniversity Blue Cross-Country Skiing
Sophie TaylorUniversity BlueHockey
Joshua Thornton University BlueLawn Bowls
Kelsey GriffinUniversity BlueBasketball
Thomas HoogenraadUniversity Half-BlueCross-Country Skiing
Theodoros BenehoutsosUniversity Half-BlueSwimming
Ruth BrophyUniversity Half-BlueInline Hockey
Claudia FruscalzoUniversity Half-BlueFutsal
Gary HaasbroekUniversity Half-BlueDecathlon
Ella JacksonUniversity Half-BlueCross-Country Skiing
Lionel MawdittUniversity Half-BlueCycling
Michael McMahon University Half-BlueIce Hockey
Tayla Vlaeminck University Half-BlueCricket 
Elizabeth BirchUniversity Half-BlueAustralian Rules Football
La Trobe University Mountaineering ClubSports Club Of The YearMountaineering
Emily TurnbullOutstanding Service To SportAustralian Rules Football
Gina O'ConnorOutstanding Service To SportSurfing
Grant Dowler Outstanding Service To SportAustralian Rules Football
Tony Truong Outstanding Service To Sport La Trobe Sport 
Sarah Laussen Outstanding Service To Sport 

2018 La Trobe University Blues Awards Citations (602 KB)

2016 & 2017

NameAward PositionSport
Emma CoxSportswoman Of The YearClay Target Shooting
Ahmed KellySportsman Of The YearPara Swimming
Emily MarottaAcademic & Sporting Excellence AwardFencing
Rebecca AllenFull Blue AwardBasketball
Darryl GeorgeFull Blue AwardBaseball
Emily MarottaFull Blue AwardFencing
Katerina PaulFull Blue AwardCross Country Skiing
Eric VuongFull Blue AwardBadminton
Luke ArgiroFull Blue AwardClay Target Shooting
Emma CoxFull Blue AwardClay Target Shooting
Patrick CrispFull Blue AwardWater Skiing
Hannah CrossFull Blue AwardSynchronised Swimming
Ahmed KellyFull Blue AwardPara Swimming
Anna KellyFull Blue AwardCross Country Running
Hannah MacDougallFull Blue AwardPara Cycling
Bree MellbergFull Blue AwardWheelchair Basketball
Annabel MuttdonFull Blue AwardAerobic Gymnastics
Joshua QuinnFull Blue AwardWeightlifting
Jessica AdamsHalf Blue AwardSwimming
Renata AllenHalf Blue AwardCheerleading
Madeleine BattersHalf Blue AwardKayaking
Jontee BrownHalf Blue AwardWheelchair Basketball
Nicola BrownHalf Blue AwardHockey Umpiring
Olivia BurnettHalf Blue AwardGymnastics
Rachael CappHalf Blue AwardSport Aerobics
Benjamin ConsidineHalf Blue AwardSurfing
Ethan DawsHalf Blue AwardSwimming
Elise FraneticHalf Blue AwardRowing
Liam GarrigaHalf Blue AwardInline Speed Skating
Casey HaynesHalf Blue AwardKayaking
Rebecca MannHalf Blue AwardKayaking
Tasman NankervisHalf Blue AwardMountain Bike Rider
Owen OdigieHalf Blue AwardBasketball
Sophie TaylorHalf Blue AwardHockey
Alice Teague-NeeldHalf Blue AwardNetball
Angeline ThomasHalf Blue AwardInline Speed Skating
Joshua ThorntonHalf Blue AwardLawn Bowls
Jeremy TyndallHalf Blue AwardWheelchair Basketball
Tayla VlaeminckHalf Blue AwardCricket
Dive La TrobeSports Club Of The YearDiving
Peter GoochOutstanding Service To SportGroundsman
Jasmine AdamsOutstanding Service To SportNetball
Samantha GreeneOutstanding Service To SportAustralian Rules Football
Jonghak KimOutstanding Service To SportTaekwondo
Charlotte MaynardOutstanding Service To SportMountaineering
James Rourke-DunkleyOutstanding Service To SportSnowsports
Jade StuartOutstanding Service To SportTouch Football
John TranOutstanding Service To Sport
2017 La Trobe University Blues Awards Citations (797KB)


NameAward PositionSport
Brendan AikmanFull Blue AwardBaseball
Chloe McDonaldFull Blue AwardUltimate Frisbee
Cindy LayFull Blue AwardSoccer
Tyler HawkinsFull Blue Award
Jayden CowlingFull Blue AwardMen's Netball
Jessica BlackmanFull Blue AwardTouch Football
Emma ReganHalf Blue AwardVolleyball
Jake SmithHalf Blue AwardTouch Football
MIchael MayesHalf Blue AwardVolleyball
Eliza LongHigh Achiever's AwardTennis
Natasha McDowellHigh Achiever's AwardAthletics
Paige StephensonHigh Achiever's AwardNetball
Michael PerkinsOutstanding Service AwardBaseball
Zac MartinOutstanding Service AwardHockey


Name Award Position Sport
Bardhi Hysoli Full Blue Award Soccer
Claudia Fruscalzo Full Blue Award Soccer
Zachary Breen Full Blue Award Baseball
Jake Stevens Full Blue Award Athletics
Emma Miller Half Blue Award Basketball
Xavier McBain Half Blue Award Hockey
Mathias Eric Suter High Achiever's Award LUST
Darcy Walsh High Achiever's Award Squash
Britta Granas High Achiever's Uni Community Award Rowing
Stephanie Eaves High Achiever's Uni Community Award Rowing
Sean Finney Outstanding Service Award LUST
Darcy Walsh High Achiever's Award Squash
Tristan Kelly Outstanding Service Award LUST
Meryl McGlone Outstanding Service Award Hockey
Gavin Morrissey Outstanding Service Award Baseball
Jono Nevile Outstanding Service Award Dive


NameAward PositionSport
Oliver TateFull Blue AwardAustralian Rules Football
Geoffrey HollandFull Blue AwardBaseball
Daniel ChircopFull Blue AwardBaseball
Ella HeaneyFull Blue AwardBeach Volleyball (G&G)
Saran O'ConnorFull Blue AwardBeach Volleyball (WUG)
Owen OdigieFull Blue AwardBasketball (WUG)
Monica BrennanFull Blue AwardAthletics
Hugh PascoeHigh Achiever's AwardFootball (G&G)
Lauren GilderHigh Achiever's AwardSwimming
Ryan DessensHigh Achiever's AwardSwimming
Paige SmithOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Lindsay CookOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Charles WillacyOutstanding Service AwardTouch Football
John Dalla-ZuannaOutstanding Service AwardScuba Diving
Jacinta HumphreyOutstanding Service AwardSwimming
Kaja AndersenOutstanding Service Award Surfing


NameAward PositionSport
Steve (Thanh) HuynhFull Blue AwardTouch Football
David JameFull Blue AwardPowerlifting
Riley RichardsonFull Blue AwardMixed Netball
Emma CoxFull Blue AwardClay Target Shooting
Branko DurandHigh Achiever's AwardSoccer
Richard SpeirsHigh Achiever's AwardSoccer
Andrew GlideOutstanding Service AwardHockey
James BlackburnOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Maurice DavoliOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Kath RyanOutstanding Service AwardSquash
William DalrympleOutstanding Service AwardCricket
Emily WillocksOutstanding Service AwardMountaineering
John AntonopoulosOutstanding Service AwardSoccer
Daniel GrattidgeOutstanding Service AwardSnowsports
Derrick CantHigh Achiever University CommunityTouch Football
Jennifer HutchinsonHigh Achiever University CommunityRowing
Jill BarrettHigh Achiever University CommunityRowing
Amanda CroftsHigh Achiever University CommunityRowing


NameAward PositionSport
Travis MahoneyFull Blue AwardSwimming
Sam SheppardFull Blue AwardSwimming
Georgia MerrittFull Blue AwardCross Country
Georgia HoldenHigh Achiever's AwardTouch Football
Jerilee CarkeekHigh Achiever's AwardTaekwondo
Michael WilcoxOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Peter ArnottOutstanding Service AwardMountaineering
Meryll EvansOutstanding Service AwardRowing
Calvin TaylorOutstanding Service AwardSwimming
Fung LayOutstanding Service AwardTaekwondo
Mandy CroftsOutstanding Service AwardRowing
Linda GrahamHigh Achiever University CommunityRowing
David UsherHigh Achiever University CommunityHockey
Jane WelstHigh Achiever University CommunityRowing
Jennifer JohnsHigh Achiever University CommunityRowing
Meredith BurrellHigh Achiever University CommunityRowing


NameAward PositionSport
Tim WiseFull Blue AwardUltimate Frisbee
David LockhartFull Blue AwardUltimate Frisbee
Bryan KeelyFull Blue AwardOrienteering
Natalie FrizzellFull Blue AwardTouch Football
Benjamin DoneganFull Blue AwardJudo
Rebecca LissenbergHalf Blue AwardFencing
Kristen WoodcockHigh Achiever's AwardVolleyball
Megan DunnOutstanding Service AwardMountaineering
Michael HardingOutstanding Service AwardMountaineering
Sarah DowlingOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Derek FloodOutstanding Service AwardFencing
Derek FloodHigh Achiever University CommunityFencing


NameAward PositionSport
Evan BarrFull Blue AwardOrienteering
Laurina NeumannFull Blue AwardOrienteering
Steve WallaceFull Blue AwardVolleyball
Tim WiseHalf Blue AwardUltimate Frisbee
David LockhartHalf Blue AwardUltimate Frisbee
Elizabeth CantersHalf Blue AwardSnow Sports
Samantha McGeochHalf Blue AwardAustralian Rules Football
Matthew SchimmelbuschHigh Achiever's AwardAustralian Rules Football
Hannah KennedyHigh Achiever's AwardAustralian Rules Football
Kirsty ShortHigh Achiever's AwardAustralian Rules Football
Clinton GrenfallHigh Achiever's AwardSquash
Rebecca LissenbergHigh Achiever's AwardFencing
Travis DowlingOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Belinda BlackburnOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Alex CohenOutstanding Service AwardMountaineering
Simon HerdOutstanding Service AwardRowing


NameAward PositionSport
Robert GlavasFull Blue AwardAustralian Rules Football
Jake SpiteriFull Blue AwardAustralian Rules Football
Chris LongFull Blue AwardAustralian Rules Football
Chris NovakFull Blue AwardBasketball
Sam AllenFull Blue AwardBasketball
Tom BurnsFull Blue AwardBasketball
Mark ConomyFull Blue AwardSquash
Leigh SandsFull Blue AwardSquash
Rachel FassiomsFull Blue AwardTaekwondo
Caitlyn McWatersFull Blue AwardVolleyball
Chris MullinsFull Blue AwardAthletics
James DavisHalf Blue AwardAustralian Rules Football
Lachlan McDonald Half Blue AwardUltimate Frisbee
Jessica Devlin High Achiever's AwardAustralian Rules Football
Daniel Dugan Outstanding Service Award  Touch
Matthew Carmichael Outstanding Service Award Soccer
Michael HedgerOutstanding Service Award Rowing
Barbara WoodOutstanding Service Award Baseball
Karl LeakeOutstanding Service Award Baseball
Shane RosenbergOutstanding Service AwardTouch
Gabriel PhillipsOutstanding Service AwardSoccer


NameAward PositionSport
Rowan CampbellFull Blue AwardBaseball
Christian StenbergFull Blue AwardBaseball
Vedran SkoplijakFull Blue AwardSoccer
Joshua CardwellFull Blue AwardSquash
Jamie RobertsonOutstanding Service AwardRowing
Greg Van MeeuwenOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Tamara GamilOutstanding Service AwardWaterpolo
Jess RobertsOutstanding Service AwardNetball
Ryan BrionesOutstanding Service AwardTennis


NameAward PositionSport
Daniel CullinanFull Blue AwardAustralian Rules
Brooke McKayFull Blue AwardBasketball
Jodie DatsonFull Blue AwardBasketball
Paul McMasterFull Blue AwardBasketball
Tess FerryFull Blue AwardBasketball
Chris DunnFull Blue AwardGolf
Rosalie BallardFull Blue AwardHockey
Warrick OliverFull Blue AwardHockey
Jake RyanFull Blue AwardTaekwondo
Derrick CantFull Blue AwardTouch
Travis BloomFull Blue AwardWater polo
Belinda AncoraHalf Blue AwardBasketball
Daniel PistaninziHalf Blue AwardSoccer
Stuart McClearyOutstanding Service AwardHockey
Brett WinesOutstanding Service AwardAlpine Ski
Shannon LongOutstanding Service AwardWater Polo
Naomi HirstOutstanding Service AwardSoccer


NameAward PositionSport
Jodie Datson  Full Blue AwardBasketball
Tess Ferry  Full Blue AwardBasketball
Brooke McKay  Full Blue AwardBasketball
Paul McMasterFull Blue AwardBasketball
Daniel Pistinizi   Half Blue AwardSoccer


NameAward PositionSport
Daniel CulllinanFull Blue AwardAust Rules Football
Chirs DunnFull Blue AwardGolf
Jake RyanFull Blue AwardTaekwondo
Warwick OliverHalf Blue AwardHockey


NameAward PositionSport
Derrick CantFull Blue AwardTouch
Belinda AncoraHalf Blue AwardBasketball


NameAward PositionSport
Rosalie BallardFull Blue AwardHockey


NameAward PositionSport
Travis BloomFull Blue AwardWater Polo


NameAward PositionSport
Daisy BarbosaFull Blue AwardSoccer
Warwick DraperFull Blue AwardCanoeing
Luke EganFull Blue AwardBasketball
Hannah FurlongFull Blue AwardVolleyball
Tanya McInerneyFull Blue AwardVolleyball
Brad PhelanFull Blue AwardBasketball
Georgia RogersFull Blue AwardSnowboarding
Frankie SerranoFull Blue AwardJudo
Melissa ThomasFull Blue AwardWakeboarding


NameAward PositionSport
No awards  


NameAward PositionSport
No awards  


NameAward PositionSport
David BaxterFull Blue AwardAthletics
Mary Dobson  Full Blue AwardHockey
Murat Eryurek  Full Blue AwardTaekwondo
Troy GoodmanFull Blue Award  Volleyball
Luke Kilmartin  Full Blue AwardHockey
Tamsyn Lewis  Full Blue AwardAthletics
Niki Mikakos Full Blue AwardTaekwondo
Ilana Sparnon   Full Blue AwardHockey
Gary Workman  Full Blue AwardAthletics
Nick Vendeburg  Half Blue AwardFencing
Hayden Castle  Half Blue AwardSnowboarding


NameAward PositionSport
No awards  


NameAward PositionSport
No awards  


NameAward PositionSport
Stuart BillardFull Blue AwardRowing
Monica Grollo Full Blue AwardSnow Ski
Dale JohanssenFull Blue Award  Basketball
George Keon-CohenFull Blue AwardRowing
Megan LeffanueFull Blue AwardBasketball
Phil RobertsFull Blue Award  Rowing
Peter SomervilleFull Blue Award  Rowing
Kay TruscottFull Blue Award  Canoeing
Matthew MorrowHalf Blue AwardRowing
Sharon HarrisHalf Blue Award  Squash
Tammie HirdHalf Blue AwardSquash


NameAward PositionSport
Jason AndrewFull Blue AwardRugby
Cathy ArloveFull Blue AwardJudo
Shaun FreemanFull Blue AwardTaekwondo
Craig FurberFull Blue Award  Athletics
Andrew VearingFull Blue Award  Athletics
Martin BarrowHalf Blue AwardAthletics
Kathryn DurrantHalf Blue Award  Swimming


NameAward PositionSport
Andrew CondronFull Blue AwardBasketball
Jo LeffanueFull Blue AwardBasketball
Emily MacWilliamsFull Blue AwardGymnastics
Jason McCraeFull Blue Award  Orienteering
Justin McFarlaneFull Blue Award  Biathlon
Wayne SmithHalf Blue AwardTennis


NameAward PositionSport
Ross De ValleFull Blue AwardAthletics
Samantha MacleodFull Blue AwardBasketball
Simon MitchellHalf Blue AwardBasketball


NameAward PositionSport
Peter BoehmFull Blue AwardJudo
Chris SimpsonFull Blue AwardTennis
Alexia StevensFull Blue AwardWater Skiing
Warren ToyeFull Blue Award  Water Skiing
Sue LeitingerHalf Blue AwardCanoeing
Natasha SchedvinHalf Blue AwardJudo


NameAward PositionSport
Ian WrigglesworthFull Blue AwardAust Rules Football
Daryl PooleHalf Blue AwardAust Rules Football


NameAward PositionSport
Nick GibsonFull Blue AwardBasketball
Mark GriffinFull Blue AwardBasketball
Simon HeapFull Blue AwardSnow Ski
Andrew KerekesFull Blue Award  Canoeing
Vicki McStravickFull Blue Award  Basketball
Debbie WilliamsFull Blue AwardAthletics


NameAward PositionSport
Mario MirabileHalf Blue AwardRifle


NameAward PositionSport
Lynda Heins-RobinsonFull Blue AwardHorse Riding
T. Kiat NgHalf Blue AwardBadminton


NameAward PositionSport
Wendy KnightFull Blue AwardBasketball


NameAward PositionSport
Mark CollinsFull Blue AwardBasketball
John McKinstrayFull Blue AwardFencing


NameAward PositionSport
David ColeFull Blue AwardCanoeing
Chris PartonFull Blue AwardBasketball


NameAward PositionSport
Joanne FitzsimmonsFull Blue AwardBasketball
Coral JelleffFull Blue AwardAthletics
Joseph KabalanFull Blue AwardWeightlifting
Ranjit SinghFull Blue AwardHockey


NameAward PositionSport
Sue HowardFull Blue AwardHockey


NameAward PositionSport
Christine BarryFull Blue AwardBadminton
David DaviesFull Blue AwardBasketball
Kirsteen FarranceFull Blue AwardAthletics
Narelle PagramFull Blue AwardBasketball
Rohani PaiminFull Blue AwardHockey
Peter TunbridgeFull Blue AwardAust Rules Football


NameAward PositionSport
Ross CloseFull Blue AwardBasketball
Meryll EvansFull Blue AwardRowing
Annette HollandFull Blue AwardRowing


NameAward PositionSport
Andrew CousinsFull Blue AwardFencing
Kathryn FinkeldeFull Blue AwardSquash
Bernadette HigginsFull Blue AwardRowing


NameAward PositionSport
Kim DimarzioOutstanding Service AwardBasketball
Robert Edmonds Mountaineering
Rodney Harris Rugby
Yook Tau Pang Table Tennis
Graham Paxinos Table Tennis
Grant Wason Rugby


NameAward PositionSport
Alan CalderFull Blue AwardBasketball
Rodney LyonsFull Blue AwardAthletics
David StillmanFull Blue AwardBasketball
Michael YoungFull Blue Award  Judo


NameAward PositionSport
Andrea HarrisFull Blue AwardOrienteering
David JolleyFull Blue AwardRugby
Andrew MainprizeFull Blue AwardRugby


NameAward PositionSport
Don CowlingFull Blue AwardAust Rules Football
Jan DunlopFull Blue AwardNetball


NameAward PositionSport
Richard BedfordFull Blue AwardCanoeing
Peter BrosnanFull Blue AwardWeightlifting
Ivars KepitisFull Blue Award  Basketball
Nigel MartinFull Blue Award  Weightlifting
Brendon O'BrienFull Blue Award  Aust Rules Football
Carolyn SmithFull Blue Award  Swimming


NameAward PositionSport
William ShawFull Blue AwardJudo
Paul TannerFull Blue AwardBaseball


NameAward PositionSport
Andrew BurnsFull Blue AwardVolleyball
John MurrayFull Blue AwardHockey
Rod SutherlandFull Blue Award  Table Tennis


NameAward PositionSport
David FieldFull Blue AwardCricket
William FrewFull Blue AwardWeightlifting
Patricia GavinFull Blue Award  Athletics
Phillip ParkerFull Blue Award  Lacrosse


NameAward PositionSport
Shaffrudin Bin HashimFull Blue AwardHockey
David MorganFull Blue AwardAust Rules Football
Bernard WallaceFull Blue Award  Athletics


NameAward PositionSport
Terrence DonnellyFull Blue AwardSquash
Roger HampsonFull Blue AwardAthletics
Michael MullinsFull Blue Award  Aust Rules Football