Knowledge Translation

At LASEM we are very passionate about translating our research to the community, including health professionals and the broader public. Every week, we see more and more engagement with our social media profiles and blog, which shows that we are being heard all around the world.

LASEM has a large media presence, with our expert input increasingly sought after. In 2018, LASEM stories had 4.75 million audience views.

We now have nearly 5000 followers on twitter and an engaged Facebook group for health professionals with more than 1500 members. Our blog website continues to evolve and provide valuable information to the community, receiving 250,000 views in 2018. The most popular posts are educational content related to knee pain, tendon injuries, and running myths.

Our implementation program, GLA:D Australia, for Australians with hip and knee osteoarthritis has been more successful than we could have imagined. Led by Dr Christian Barton, Dr Joanne Kemp, Professor Kay Crossley, and more than 20 amazing tutors, more than 1000 physiotherapists have been trained to deliver education and exercise therapy to people with hip and knee osteoarthritis. The program, Good Life with osteoarthritis from Denmark (GLA:D), has now been delivered to more than 2500 Australians, with preliminary evaluation of outcomes indicating significant improvements in pain, function and joint related quality of life.