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Promoting injury-free physical activity

Leading research in sport and exercise medicine

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We're a collaborative centre for sport and exercise medicine research.

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Our research focuses on prevention and management of injuries and disease across the lifespan.

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We love research and are passionate about seeing our findings translated into practice.

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Our facilities include a Gait Lab and Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation.

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Leaders in sport research

We're working with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for research in the prevention of injury and protection of athlete health.

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Award-winning researchers

Our researchers have been recognised for their outstanding achievements at the Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) Awards.

2023 SMA Awards

Impactful research programs

Of 18,000 GLA:D participants who completed the program, 36% reported a reduction in pain and improvement and joint confidence.

2022 GLA:D Annual Report

Community and industry involvement

Partner with us to get involved in meaningful research and improve health outcomes. If you live or care for people with a hip or knee injury, find out more about joining our Consumer Advisory Groups.

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