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Research that makes an impact

The impact of three of our research projects has been recognised in La Trobe University's Annual Impact Report

Policies and programs are most effective when they are informed and led by Indigenous communities

Indigenous Australians are in our thoughts in the wake of the Voice results

Risk communication and community engagement in the Australian Humanitarian Partnership's COVID-19 Response in PNG

Evaluating and learning from the rollout and uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine in PNG

Diverse Pathways to People-Centred Justice

Globally, most people do not resort to formal justice systems to address their justice problems. Rather, they rely on diverse pathways to justice often referred to collectively as “customary and informal justice"

Understanding accountability ecosystems in the Pacific

Lisa Denney and George Nimbtik share the background to and purpose of a new research project with the UNDP focused on accountability ecosystems in the Pacific.

What will make the recent policing increase money well-spent?

Lisa Denney reflects on how a recent increase in funding for the Australian Federal Police to enhance its engagement in the Pacific could be best spent.

A strength-based approach for international development

Institute Honorary Associate Deborah Rhodes has co-authored a new book on a strengths-based approach for international development.

Launch of open access textbook on Gender-based Violence and Healthcare in Timor-Leste

Institute Honorary Associates Kayli Wild and Guilhermina de Arajao have co-authored a practical guide to addressing gender-based violence in Timor-Leste.

What’s the next step in encouraging research-informed policy?

Ujjwal Krishna shares his thoughts on how to encourage better research-informed policy.

What’s the case for doubling down on governance efforts in the development program?

Lisa Denney makes the case for strengthening governance efforts in Australia's development program

Research on leadership of people with disabilities in Indonesia

Finding self, leading others: Leadership journeys of persons with disabilities in Indonesia

2023 Humanitarian Leadership Conference

Re-engineering the Global Disaster Response System

Strengthening Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning in the Pacific

Chris Roche and Allan Illingworth participate in Second Pacific MEL Convening

Beyond a criminal justice response to human trafficking in Southeast Asia

Lisa Denney reflects on responses to human trafficking in Southeast Asia and what could be done better

Institute submission to inform Australia's New International Development Policy

Supporting locally led inclusive development and reconciling with First Nation's people will be of incalculable value to Australia and the region

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Thursday 05 October 2023

The October 5 event promises to be an enlightening introduction-in-depth to one of the most vital questions facing all Australians interested in the health and humanity of their society. We invite everyone with an interest in Australia’s democracy not to miss this exclusively online event.