Seed Biology

Seeds are the single-most-valuable product from plant production, representing 70% of our food resources. Global seed industries are worth nearly $500 billion p.a.

Seed production in Australia exceeds national demand for grain by the food and beverage industry. The excess is exported, which directly supports a network of industries and jobs across the country. The growth potential of Australian seed industries is estimated at more than 10% p.a.

Cereals and grain legumes are the greatest contributors to word food supply.

The challenge

In Australia, seed yield is a highly variable parameter affected by a variety of abiotic (temperature, nutrients, water supply, salt) and biotic (viral, bacterial, fungal) environmental constraints.

Our mission

To shift paradigms and manipulate plant biology to engineer ‘fit-for-purpose’, hardier seeds and plants that deliver higher yields to best serve human nutritional needs and processing attributes.

Our research initiatives

Seeds – Bioengineering for Quality and Adaptive Traits

Our aim is to bioengineer cereal and legume seeds and the molecular processes contributing to their development to enhance seed production, nutrition and agronomic qualities, delivering tailored products to end users.

Seed Delivery – Enhancing Yield and Quality

An increase in water-limited yield potential for major crop types is required for Australian growers to remain competitive in global markets and meet projected demand for food. This requires new approaches to breeding to increase farm yield.

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