Adjusting to Motherhood

An online Perinatal Wellbeing Group Program for Mothers

Having a baby comes with its challenges including lack of sleep, fear of not being able to do the right thing, feeling of loss of control, being judged and felt expectations from within and others.

This time is a vulnerable time, and the services focussing on mental health and wellbeing are not that easy to access.

Adjusting to Motherhood is a 4 week online group therapy program lead by an experienced senior Clinical Psychologist to assist women at this vulnerable time of their life.

The focus of this program will be on sharing of information and building resources for coping for mothers with infants in the first six months after birth. Attempts will be made to assist participating mothers in learning ways to bond with their babies, in a manner that will facilitate healthy development in their babies, whilst equipping them with simple to use techniques to deal with anxiety and mood related challenges.