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La Trobe Law Students' Association is one of the most dynamic and active student-run organisations on campus. Our dedicated team works to ensure that student life for law students is exciting, memorable and rewarding.

Not only do we have an active social calendar, we are committed to the professional development of our students through seminars, workshops, competitions and publications. Learn more.

The LSA committee

The committee comprises a 10-member executive, headed by the President. Each member of the executive (except the President and Vice President) heads a portfolio. Committee members are organised into the following portfolios.  

For general enquiries, please email the President or Vice President, or call 03 9479 3881.  


Our Activities portfolio aims to ensure that there is never a dull moment on the La Trobe Law social calendar. 



Working closely with the career development team and Careers and Placement Officer, Madeline Organero, the careers team organises workshops, networking evenings, careers weeks and a host of other events to give law students all the information they need to kick off a fantastic career.

Notable events are:

  • Careers Week
  • Careers Cocktail Evening
  • Practical Legal Training Workshops
  • Career Connect Sessions.



We believe that competitions enhance legal education.  Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Moots that the LSA runs throughout the year. The ultimate prize is to win at the Grand Final Evening held in semester one at the Federal Court. 

The LSA runs the following competitions for students.

Junior and Senior Moot

A moot is a simulated appellant (or higher) court where the competitors are barristers who need to win their case uniquely using legal arguments.  

Client Interviewing 

This competition gives students the opportunity to perfect their communication and client interviewing skills. Competitors are solicitors who receive a mystery client and, within a given timeframe, must learn about the client's problem and begin to advise them.

Negotiation Competition 

Teams of two solicitors representing parties to a dispute are given a set amount of time to negotiate an agreement. Teams must keep in mind the need to make an agreement, the interests of their own respective clients and ethics.

Witness Examination 

This competition gives our students the chance to live out their Boston Legal fantasies. The competitors are barristers and must establish or disprove a particular charge or fact situation through the questions they ask the witnesses. 

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot

This is another simulated court but, instead of a domestic appellant court, this competition takes place in an international tribunal. One of the most challenging yet rewarding competitions, the IHL Moot is a must for all those with an interest in international law.

La Trobe always sends competitors to the Australian Law Students' Association Competitions held in conjunction with its annual conference. 

For those interested in other external Moots such as Vis Moot or Maritime Law Moot, please contact the Law School's Mooting Co-ordinator.



It is important for students to feel supported and comfortable throughout their academic studies. The Education Portfolio liaises with the Law Faculty to provide feedback relating to course concerns.

We are the 'go to' for fun-filled fitness, exam study tips, exam freak-out problems and exam notes.

We also organise large scale meet-and-greet sessions with some of the biggest names in the law world, such as High Court Justice Hayne (the Malaysian Solution Case judge!), County Court Judge Gaynor (formerly the most amazing barrister) and Gary Sullivan (Director of the West Heidelberg Legal Centre, the best place for law students to volunteer in the southern hemisphere).



Orientation Week Guide – As orientation is the first gateway into a student's time at university, this Guide is designed to help new law students through their transition into university life. Whether they are coming straight from secondary school, have taken a gap year or are enrolling into postgraduate study, this Guide will be their map into the life of La Trobe University.   

InterAlia – This is published every three weeks and provides law students with information about current events, job opportunities and events that the LSA is running. 

Careers Guide and Seasonal Clerkship Guide (Joint Guide) – A complete Guide to Law Firm profiles, information on admission to legal practice, practical legal training, closing dates for applications, cover letters, key selection criteria, etc. It is essentially a one stop publication for legal careers.



The La Trobe Law Students' Association values the partnerships and links we have with the wider legal and professional community. The marketing portfolio's role is to be the point of contact for our external partners. 

We would be happy to discuss opportunities for your firm, business or organisation to be involved with the La Trobe LSA.



The Director of Finance is responsible for maintaining the LSA funds throughout the year and budgeting for all of the LSA's activities, events, publications and competitions.

The Director of Finance lodges quarterly Business Activity Statements, acts as the LSA's Public Officer for legislative purposes and creates the annual report.



The backbone of our organisation, the Administration team oversees internal publicity, website and IT management as well as the collation and dissemination of organizational documents such as the Rules and Regulations of the Association and meeting agendas and minutes.


Other organisations

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The La Trobe LSA is a member of the Australian Law Students' Association. 

The LSA encourages students to participate in the wider community by joining professional organisations, and participating in their events. There are a number of professional legal bodies that offer student membership and services. Some of these are: