Mooting sets students up for success

The Law Trobe Law School’s mooting program equips students with the practical skills they need to excel in their future careers

The Law Trobe Law School’s mooting program helps to equip students with the practical skills and experience they need to excel in their future careers.

Mooting is a simulated court proceeding, where students argue a legal problem against opposing counsel before a judge or panel. It offers the closest experience to appearing in a courtroom.

La Trobe Law student, Samuel Chung, says that participating in the School’s mooting program has given him invaluable practice-based experience.

“I owe much of my academic and professional success at La Trobe to mooting,” says Chung.

“Mooting has significantly bolstered my advocacy, public speaking and critical thinking skills. I have learned about court etiquette, as well as how to write legal memoranda and prepare convincing submissions.”

La Trobe Law School is also home to Victoria’s only advocacy elective, designed to prepare students to run a case. The School selects its mooting teams from this cohort, who go on to compete at Australian and international competitions.

“Our mooting teams consistently reach the finals of international competitions and School advocates have won many speaker awards over the years,” says Dean, Professor Fiona Kelly.

“They provide students with valuable opportunities to network with lawyers, judges and academics nationally and internationally, promoting a spirit of friendly but fierce rivalry.”

In addition to mooting, La Trobe Law students also develop their skills by participating in other simulated legal activities including client interviewing, witness examinations and negotiations.

“It’s all part of the School’s commitment to ensure that graduates are practice ready, and that we equip them with the knowledge and experience to make a difference to their local and global communities,” says Professor Kelly.

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