La Trobe Law School partnerships

The La Trobe Law School partners with a range of legal, community and government organisations.

Together, we are making new discoveries and training the next generation of lawyers and criminal justice professionals.

Our partners include law firms, community legal centres and non-profit organisations that offer clinical placement opportunities – supporting our students to build the networks and skills they need to thrive in the workforce and, over time, transform the sector.

Our key partners include:

The La Trobe Law School collaborates with a range of private and public legal practices, corporations and government organisations to provide opportunities for Law and Criminology students to gain practical skills and experience, strengthen their academic learning and deliver valuable service to the community.

This partnership with JobWatch, an employment rights community legal centre, provides internships where students liaise directly on the front line with clients on their employment law issues. Students are trained and supported by JobWatch lawyers to respond to a range of clients on their employment rights to ensure that workers have access to employment justice.

This partnership operates a Community Forms and Advocacy Assistance Service where students provide a wide range of services and support to the community. Criminology students assist and empower individuals to navigate the government and community service sectors.

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This partnership provides student community legal opportunities through four clinics: Wills and Wishes, Divorce and Family Law, Fines and Civil Actions, and Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal. Supervised by lawyers, students work directly with clients to develop practical skills and confidence, while also making a difference in the community.

Find out more about the Wills and Wishes Clinic.

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Mutual benefit and respect underpin our collaboration with the law and justice sector. We work with our partners to support their needs, providing opportunities for students and academics which produce innovative and quality outcomes that are vital to the successful future of our sector and the community.

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La Trobe Law School

Community connections

In partnership with Whittlesea Community Connections, our students are providing legal support to communities.

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