Psychology research

The Department of Psychology, Counselling and Therapy conducts studies throughout the year, on topics such as relationships, decision-making, group behaviour, personality, learning and memory, stress, health, alcohol and substance abuse.

Some studies involve questionnaires; others are experiments or computer tasks. Most sessions last for less than one hour although some studies may involve follow-up sessions. Some studies may offer you compensation for your time or travel costs.

We are looking to recruit new participants to join the student participant registry. If you wish to volunteer, and if you are 18 years of age or older, please complete the application form to have your name placed on our participant registry. You may then be contacted by email to advise you of potential research projects you may participate in. Your participation in the registry is completely voluntary.

You are free to withdraw your consent to be part of the participant registry at any time. In order to have your details removed from the participant registry you can do so anytime by emailing our Registry Administrator.

All information collected from registry applications is strictly confidential and will be stored securely. Only the Registry Administrator will have access to these forms, who will send you research project participation opportunities in the Department of Psychology & Counselling, on the behalf of researchers who have been granted approval to use the Registry. All projects have also been approved by an Ethics Committee. Registry participants will be invited to participate in research projects for a period of up to three years with information deleted after that time.

If you decide to participate in an advertised research project, you can contact the researcher, who will send you an Information Statement with details of the research (for example aims, procedures, benefits, potential risks, compensation) and how you take part. Please note, your participation in any research project is completely voluntary.

If you have any questions about the volunteer participant registry, please get in contact by emailing our Registry Administrators.

If you have any complaints or queries in relation to the Participant Registry that the Registry Administrator has been unable to answer to your satisfaction, you may contact our Human Ethics team at or phone (+ 61 3) 9479 1443.

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