We offer a wide range of subjects covering all regions of the human body. Students studying anatomy subjects at La Trobe University have access to a broad collection of anatomical resources ranging from prosected cadaveric specimens, skeletons, models, medical images and plastinated sections.

Human anatomy is a core subject within most courses in Allied Health and in the Bachelor of Biomedicine degree.  The subjects taught have been designed to cover regional anatomy that tailor to specific student cohorts e.g. head and neck and neuroanatomy for Speech Pathologists or lower limb/foot for Podiatrists.

Other subjects have been designed to cover all human anatomy over the span of a generalised science course. An additional elective is available for students wishing to develop skills in cadaveric dissection.

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Careers in Anatomy

Students undertaking anatomy often continue their studies in health professional programs to become doctors/surgeons, physiotherapists, podiatrists, nurses, or other allied health professionals. Others pursue post-graduate degrees (Masters or PhD) in the biomedical sciences to prepare for careers in medical research and/or university teaching.

Students who choose not to pursue advanced degrees are well qualified for employment in:

  • research centres and academic institutions
  • pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • private sector hospitals, medical centres and healthcare organisations
  • scientific publishing firms
  • scientific sales and marketing companies