Skeletal and cardiac muscle research group

We are focused on understanding the fundamental basis of muscle contraction across a wide array of muscle types (skeletal, cardiac and smooth). Our interests include examining the molecular mechanisms involved in skeletal muscle fatigue, the regulation of muscle contraction by various metabolic agents such as reactive oxygen species, muscle diseases such as malignant hypothermia, diabetes and muscular dystrophies.

We are also interested in understand the changes in skeletal, cardiac and vascular smooth muscle development associated with foetal growth restriction.

Current projects

  • Determination of the kinetic properties of glucose uptake in single skeletal muscle fibres from diabetic rats.
  • Examination of carnosine like metabolites on contractile force.
  • Determination of glucose uptake in skeletal muscle from foetal growth restricted rats.
  • The effects of reactive oxygen species on creatine kinase in cardiac muscle.
  • Properties of vascular smooth muscle sensitisation.

Team members

Group leader: Dr Giuseppe Posterino

Associates: Professor Graham Lamb and Associate Professor Robyn Murphy

Current PhD students: Michael Christie.