Cellular injury and regeneration

We are focused on understanding the molecular pathways involved in tissue injury and repair/regeneration in a number of organs including brain, bone and skeletal muscle.

Combining molecular and cell culture techniques we are able to study various pathways that are involved in determining cell fate as well as manipulating these pathways to both minimise injury and enhance repair and regeneration.

We have active collaborations with a number of members of the Department as well as external collaborators, which enable us to complement our molecular and cell physiology research with functional physiology in animal models.

Current projects

  • Pre-conditioning of muscle precursor cells to improve survival after transplantation
  • 3D cell structures (spheroids) to enhance muscle repair after injury
  • The role of miRNAs in brain injury
  • Novel botanicals as treatments for muscle injury

Team members

Group leaders: Dr Caroline Taylor and Dr Jarrod Church

PhD students: Louise Pham, Brett Thompson

Honours students: Sabrina Erdossy, Danni Molinaro, Sally McBean