Jacq de Haart

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours), Bendigo

A Nowhere Now Here, 2022, is my Honours research project exploring ruins and sites of dereliction as spaces for envisaging post capitalist futures, where free associations and non-conformity pierce through the sameness and homogeneity of our contemporary cities.

Utilising critical spatial practice methodologies drawn from the work of theorist Jane Rendell, I undertook a process of observation and investigation across multiple sites in the City of Bendigo.

My work explores the imaginative opportunities afforded by ruins and sites of dereliction through their materiality, open access and ambiguity.

Drawing on the writings of Tim Edensor and Jack Halberstam with influences by artists Gordon Matta-Clark and Isa Genzken, my work focuses on notions of (un)building, (un)doing and (un)worlding within an aesthetics of collapse, to create an immersive extended photographic and assemblage installation.

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