Hannah Tullberg

Bachelor of Creative Arts, Bendigo

My film, She is Beyond Good and Evil, depicts the character of the devil as a woman, and follows her through different scenes where she corrupts, and therefore “frees” different women throughout history. The film is a celebration of pop culture, kitsch, tacky and lowbrow aesthetics.

The film begins with the character of Eve lost and hungry in the Garden of Eden and follows a sequence of scenes featuring the characters of Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, President JFK, the archetype of a nun, Princess Diana, Sid Vicious, Hugh Hefner and Britney Spears.

Art made both by women and about women often focuses on ideas about female pain. My film depicts and exploits female pain to critique feminine archetypes with humour.  The character of the devil encourages the other female characters to escape their suffering through committing mischievous and “bad” acts.

My artwork also critiques binary structures of ideas forced onto women, as the characters in my film transcend the binary of being either “good” or “evil”. The devil is traditionally and historically a “bad” archetype. While in my film the devil encourages the other characters to rebel by committing “bad” acts, she also sincerely cares for these female characters. The devil consoles these female characters and is empathetic to their suffering. She wants to free them from their pain- she is beyond good and evil.

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