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Philip KeaneDr Philip Keane

Reader, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Current research projects

1. Diversity of macrofungi associated with particular tree species (in collaboration with Dr Teresa Lebel, National Herbarium Victoria.

  • Diversity of mycorrhizal fungi associated with Nothofagus cunninghamii in the Otway Ranges and Central Highlands, Victoria (Chris Dunk, Ph.D. project).
  • Diversity of mycorrhizal fungi associated with stands of Eucalyptus camaldulensis in the Melbourne area with various histories of human interference (Rebecca Lucas, Ph.D. project).

2. Diversity and identity of Monilinia spp., the cause of brown rot of stone fruit in Victoria (in collaboration with Dr Oscar Villalta, DPI, Victoria) – project conducted by Endeavour Fellow, Dr Belen Guijarro Diaz-Oter.

3. Management of pests and diseases of cocoa in Indonesia – projects supported by the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (2001 – present).

  • ACIAR Project HORT/2010/011 (2010 – 2014); project managed and research conducted by Post-doctoral  Fellow, Dr Peter McMahon: “Improving the sustainability of cocoa production in eastern Indonesia through integrated pest, disease and soil management in an effective policy environment.”
  • Understanding the nature of vascular streak dieback, a destructive disease of cocoa in Southeast Asia and Melanesia which has undergone a significant change in its symptoms and biology throughout the region since 2004.

4. Biological control of Sclerotinia minor, the cause of white rot of lettuce (lettuce drop). Project being conducted by fourth year agriculture student (Caelan McIntosh).

5. Foliar diseases of eucalypts – their diversity and epidemiology.