Plant ecophysiology and metal abiotic stress

Dr Denise R. Fernando

Recent scientific papers

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Abubakari F, Nkrumah PN, Fernando DR, Brown GK, Erskine PD, Echevarria G, van der Ent A. (2021). Incidence of hyperaccumulation and tissue-level distribution of manganese, cobalt and zinc in the genus Gossia (Myrtaceae). Metallomics (in press).

Abubakari F, Nkrumah PN, Fernando DR, Brown GK, Erskine PD, Echevarria G, van der Ent A. (2021).  Manganese (hyper)accumulation within Australian Denhamia (Celastraceae): an assessment of the trait and manganese accumulation under controlled conditions.  Plant and Soil (in press).

Fernando DR, Fernando AE, Koerber GR, Doody TM (2021).  Tree-soil interactions through water release to a floodplain ecosystem: a case study of Black Box (Eucalyptus largiflorens) on loamy sands.  Wetlands (in press)

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