Coralline algae: taxonomy and ecology

Harvey & Woelkerling Lab

Dr William Woelkerling, Emeritus Professor

Dr Bill Woelkerling has published on the taxonomy and, more limitedly, on the ecology of non-geniculate coralline red algae since 1978 and is the acknowledged world expert on coralline taxonomy.

His research has resulted in over 90 peer-reviewed publications on coralline red algae, including 5 books, 14 monographic accounts or reviews of genera, and 74 other coralline publications, altogether encompassing over 3000 printed pages.

Recipient of the 1989 Gerald W. Prescott Award of the Phycological Society of America for the 1988 book the Coralline Red Algae; An Analysis of the Genera and Subfamilies of Nongeniculate Corallinaceae.  This international award is presented biennially to the author of the most outstanding scholarly work devoted to phycology. Awarded Honorary Lifetime Membership in the International Phycological Society in 1996.

Dr Adela Harvey, Associate Lecturer

Dr Harvey has over 20 years' experience working with coralline red algae both in the field and in the laboratory. Her research encompasses the biodiversity, taxonomy and phylogeny of coralline algae in southern Australia, south-eastern Australia and central New Zealand.

Dr Harvey has authored 21 publications on corallines and collaborated with various algal experts during her career as evidenced by her publication record. Her publications have significantly impacted coralline algal taxonomy and already include five monographic accounts of coralline families/subfamilies in south-eastern Australia. She has co-authored a study of the crustose corallines of Heron Island (Ringeltaube & Harvey 2000), currently the only modern taxonomic account of coralline red algae occurring on the Great Barrier Reef region and is first of five authors on a 145 page publication Guide to the non-geniculate coralline algae of Central New Zealand (Harvey et al. 2005).