About the Department

The  Department of Animal, Plant and Soil Sciences was formed in 2015 by bringing together staff from the Departments of Agricultural Sciences, Botany and Genetics into AgriBio. This breadth of expertise, co-location and world-class facilities create new opportunities in these important disciplines.

Our research focuses on some of today's biggest challenges including sustainable food production, and disease threats to plants, animals and soil productivity. As the global population increases, addressing these challenges will only become more important. 

Members of APSS are involved in two ARC Centres of Excellence, and receive research investment funding from a wide variety of sources, including the Grains Research Development Corporation, the World Health Organization and commercial partners.

Our Department produces graduates who are ready to take up a diverse range of job opportunities, from working with local environmental protection agencies to improving farming practices in developing countries. We take great pride in providing a friendly and supportive environment, taking particular care to ensure a positive experience for undergraduate students. 

Our graduates can work in areas including:

  • agribusiness
  • agronomy and animal health
  • biotechnology
  • environmental protection
  • resource management
  • research.

We provide a vibrant research environment for Early Career Researchers and have approximately 40 PhD students. 

Graduates can work to improve food production and self-sufficiency in developing countries and address urgent issues of increasing food production in an environmentally responsible way. This underpins Australia's food security as well as our capacity to solve the problem on a global scale.