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Hijab Shah

Hijab Shah

Graduate, Master of Management

“La Trobe University has given me the flexibility to achieve my dreams.”


So, the last four years have been a rollercoaster ride. I’ve changed countries, I’ve had a baby, I’ve moved houses and now I’ve started studying.

Life, work and study management is difficult. But thankfully, I have a supportive husband, I’ve got a good kid and thanks to La Trobe University I can actually study online.

My favourite place to study is my home where I can see my daughter play in front of me. I can do the cooking in the morning and type in a few posts. Later in the day I like to take Mina to the park and the great thing about La Trobe is that I can study actually anywhere.

So, we go to the park, I sit and study, she’s on the swings and playing and she gets tired by the afternoon and she’s ready for her nap so I can get a bit of a break. With La Trobe University, my teachers and the staff, they’re very, very helpful and very supportive. Teachers are so prompt, and the staff are so prompt with their answers to queries, answers to questions in regard to exams, in regards to admin. So, they’re all really helpful and prompt.

I would have been able to do a degree such as a masters, at a campus, but it would have been difficult. Learning online has given me the flexibility to achieve my dreams. Sitting at the convenience of my home and my timing.

Lauren Sedger

Lauren Sedger

Graduate, Bachelor of Food and Nutrition

“It offers so much flexibility, it’s a really convenient way to complete the degree.”


I decided to start studying food and nutrition because I’ve always been fascinated by food and nutrition and the way that it effects our body.

So, I decided to study online with La Trobe because of the flexibility that online study offers. It’s so convenient, I can study anywhere, at any time, in any part of the world. My favourite place to study is the cafe around the corner. I really enjoy being out and about working amongst people who are also working and going about their day. It really invigorates me. The La Trobe staff have been really lovely to deal with. They’re all really nice, very welcoming and very supportive of the online environment.

I would definitely recommend La Trobe to anybody who is interested in studying online. It offers so much flexibility, it’s a really convenient way to complete the degree.